Travel and Tourism: The European Travel Market

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In this unit you will gain skills to enable you to locate and explore the diverse destinations that make up the European travel market. They will develop your knowledge of the appeal of destinations for different leisure experiences and gain an understanding of the factors affecting the development and decline of selected destinations. Summary of learning outcomes (L.

O): By the end of this unit you will be able to: 1 Be able to locate gateways and leisure destinations within the European travel market 2 Know types of holidays available in Europe to meet differing visitor titivation 3 Know factors and features determining the appeal of leisure destinations In the European travel market for UK visitors 4 understand how factors affect the development and decline of the European travel market. Task for Pl : On blank maps provided using the help sheet provided, you are to locate the following: U.

C. I: The European travel market: 1) European countries; E countries; Rezone countries; Changes countries 2) Gateways: key airports with three-letter DATA codes egg Amalgam GAP; Arrestor termini; ports accessible via direct passenger sailings from UK egg Churchgoer 3) Leisure destinations: -beach resorts e. G. Bondholder, Riming; -winter sports resorts e. G. Champion, Courageous; ;countryside areas e. G. Lake Grad, the Black Forest; -cities e. G. Barcelona, Paris, Prague; -cruise areas e. G. He Aegean, Norwegian fjords Unit 7 European Destinations: pass PI: Merit MI : European Leisure Destinations You are working in Thomas Cook as a travel consultant in the European holiday section which is popular for customers wishing to book all types of European holidays. Before working here, you only really thought that you would be booking beach holidays for families. However you now know that there are many other reasons that people travel such as: 1. . 3. 4. Pass 2 Task: You are required to select holidays in European destinations to meet differing motivations to travel for your customers.

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Four different motivations need to be considered such as going on holiday to go sight seeing or for a hen weekend. Resources: Remember to source your findings! You are to use travel brochures, the information below, magazine articles, travel guides and your own knowledge from Pass 1 to select 2 suitable holidays in different countries to meet the requests of your customers. Giving brief details of the holidays and destinations, how they would get there and what they can do once they have rived. You must present your findings as an individual information pack for your 4 customers.

Each customer must have a choice of 2 holidays in 2 destinations. Your class representative for each customer motivation is then to choose their preferred holiday. There is no doubt that Europe is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations to visit on a vacation. With so many impressive historical structures, and such a unique and inspiring culture, it's no wonder that Europe ranks at the top of many traveler's list. In fact, Europe is so full of amazing destinations to visit, deciding which laces to visit can be one of the most frustrating and challenging parts of planning a vacation.

Should you stick to Western Europe or venture into East and witness the country which travelers often ignore? Only you can decide what European destinations to visit, but before you make that decision it's always good to be armed with a little bit of knowledge. Below you will find 5 of the most popular and memorable destinations to visit while traveling in Europe. Croatia With its beautiful coastline and breath-taking views, Croatia is one of the most destinations in the country, but the interior offers many exciting activities for revelers as well. The cities are full of history, culture, and extraordinary cuisine.

One of the most popular activities for visitors to Croatia is to scuba dive its impressive coral reefs or you sunken ship wrecks. Also popular is backpacking, biking, rock climbing, and rafting. No matter what reasons choose to visit, you're sure to have an excellent time in Croatia. Switzerland Known for its neutrality when it comes to world affairs, Switzerland has long been a popular choice for travelers to Europe. Located in the alps and bordered by such exciting destinations as France, Italy, and Germany, a vacation here will have you owing a whole host of activities.

Most notable to the region are its impressive ski resorts such as Serrate and SST Morris. Sights to see while traveling her include Bern the capital city of Switzerland which maintains a beautifully preserved medieval history. Besides Bern, you may wish to explore Zurich or Geneva, both of which are great examples of Switzerland culture and history. France Get a real taste of European culture by exploring the beautiful places of France. From the masterpieces of the Louvre to the beauty that is the Eiffel tower, France is an excellent place to visit. Popular attractions in France include the Notre Dame

Cathedral, Mont Saint Michael, Corsica, the port of Versailles, and the French Riviera. No matter what reason you choose to visit, a vacation to France will leave you with a lasting memory. Greece The home of modern philosophy, Greece is one of the most important destinations in all of Europe. Views of the Aegean sea will inspire you exploring ancient ruins and seeing unique historical artifacts is one of the primary reasons people travel to Greece. Some of the most popular places to see while traveling to Greece is the Acropolis of Athens, or Olympia the birthplace of the Olympics.

Enjoy beautiful views f the Aegean sea and enjoy the spectacular cuisine of the country while relaxing at one of its many fine resorts. It's easy to see why so many people enjoy traveling to Greece. Italy From the beautiful city of Venice to the historical sights of Rome, Italy is one of the premier destinations for people on a European vacation. People of all ages can enjoy a trip to this inspiring country which was the home to the ancient Roman Empire. With such sights as the Coliseum or the streets of Pompeii, history buffs, students, and families alike will enjoy the amazing sights of Italy.

Other well- known and popular sights to visit in Italy include the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Blue Grotto, Pantheon, the Roman Forum, and the Castle Saint' Angelo. These are Just 5 of the most popular country to visit while traveling in Europe. There are many more worthwhile destinations to see on a vacation in Europe. Whether you're looking for a short 2 week stint, or you're planning to spend several months there, Europe will no doubt leave you with a lasting memory. Merit 1 Task: Your boss would like to know why you chose your destinations for your four types of customers.

Of the four holidays that were chosen by your four class representatives, you have Once you have completed this you will have independently achieved PI AND What skills do you think you have worked on by completing these tasks? Vocabulary: Motivations Appeal Customers Cultural Attraction Coastal Attraction Task for PI and MM: PI describe factors and features that determine the appeal of two leisure destinations in Europe for different types of visitors destinations appeal to specific types of I-J Visitors U. C. 3: Factors and features Leisure destinations: e. G. Each resort, winter sports resort, countryside area, city Accessibility: transport options for I-J market (air, sea, rail, road); Journey time; rankles time Climate: e. G. Hours of sunshine, temperature, rain, snow, seasonal variations Attractions: natural e. G. Beach, sea, mountains, forests, lakes; built e. G. Leisure parks, museums, art galleries, historic buildings; nightlife and entertainment; other egg fashion, shopping, Cultural: e. G. Lifestyle characteristics, signature food and drink, main religion and behavioral considerations for visitors, cultural events Economic: e. . Availability of low-cost travel options, impact of rate of exchange, cost of staying in destination, perceived value for money Types of visitors (from the UK): solo travelers; couples e. . Young, empty nesters, retired; families e. G. With young children, with teenage children; groups e. G. By age, by event, by share. Task for ODL Give detailed and realistic recommendations for how one European leisure destination could increase its appeal for different types of UK visitors. Factors: growth of leisure travel e. G. Worth breaks activity holidays new products and services e. G. Low-cost airlines new destinations Competition political e. G. EX. membership, Rezone, taxes economic e. G. Increase in disposable income, holiday homes, exchange rates You must refer to where your destination is on he Butler's Product Life Cycle In order to achieve ODL , you must choose one of the destinations that you have examined in PI and MM. You should recommend how the destination could appeal to a different type of visitors than it does currently, therefore increasing its overall appeal.

For example, if you selected Paris, you could recommend activities that could take place in the winter that would attract tourists to a range of indoor events such as special exhibitions or other indoor activities that would appeal to a totally different customer type. To achieve a DISTINCTION for this task, your work should be detailed and realistic for SE within the travel industry. Your recommendations should clearly link to the visitor type(s) they are seeking to attract and could recommend initiatives that have been successful for other similar types of destinations.

Task for PI MM and DO: PI review factors that have contributed to one declining and one developing destination in the European travel market. MM analyses reasons for the development and decline of selected destinations in the European travel market. DO Justify how current factors could impact on the European travel market in the near future. U. C. 4: Factors growth of leisure travel e. G. Worth breaks, activity holidays; new products and services e. G. Owe-cost airlines, new destinations, Competition from new and emerging destinations Development and decline: Butler's Product Life Cycle In the previous tasks we have looked at motivation for travel, appeal of destinations and the factors and features that have contributed to the appeal of destinations for different customer types. Now you need to consider using class notes, text book and facts and figures from the internet why some places in Europe continue to be successful whilst others may have lost their appeal and are in decline.

How to achieve PI 1 . Download from Remuneration the executive summary for your COUNTRY, not destination to give you a general overview of factors contributing to growth or decline in general www. Remuneration. Com/travel-and-tourism-inference/report 2. Using the work sheets from the class activities, use the sub headings from these sheets to form the basis of your findings 3. Apply these findings to the destinations/country of your choice - remember, one must be in the development stage and one in the decline stage 4.

State where your chosen destination is on Butlers Tourism life cycle 5. Access the helpful websites listed at the end of this assignment How to achieve MM MM develops naturally from PI, here you must include an analysis of the reasons for the development or decline of the two destinations (one declining and one developing). A typical merit response could include an analysis of how more sophisticated travelers are independently UN-packaging the packaged holiday and are no longer attracted in the same numbers to the perceived down-market sun and sand resorts of the Costa Brave.

This decline is spreading onto the Costa Dorado; however, the draw of Port Ventura and Barcelona is helping to slow the pace of negative change in these areas. You must include a conclusion here and apply the 5 point plan! How to achieve DO For DO, your evidence will be evaluative as you will give an opinion on how current factors could impact on the developing and declining markets of the future. The based upon current geopolitical issues. The evidence should reflect the pace of change brought about by current factors and give examples.

A typical distinction response might refer to the impact of the credit crunch and poor exchange rate of the pound against the Euro which can encourage more domestic tourism or travel outside the Rezone. This could therefore affect the popularity and appeal of these countries to ex-UK tourists. Another example could be that some areas of France have seen a huge increase in visitors due to the routes of low cost airlines, but what happens to them if routes are withdrawn?

This could severely affect tourism to the area as well as impacting on people who have purchased holiday homes based on accessibility. At least two current factors should be addressed for ODL and the response should address both potentially declining and developing destinations. The suggestions should be supported by appropriate statistics where applicable, and must be clearly justified. Some helpful articles/websites for your research Tourist language efforts scoffed at British holidaymakers' unwillingness to speak in foreign tongues is leading to them being badmouthed by the locals.

British holidaymakers' unwillingness to speak in foreign tongues is leading to them being badmouthed by the locals. As many as 59% of UK tourists who holiday abroad make no attempt to speak the local language, a poll by troublemaker's. Com showed. A total of 45% of these holidaymakers said their lack of linguistic effort resulted in the locals acting negatively towards them. Yet just 4% of the 2,012 people surveyed said their ideal holiday would be in an English- speaking country.

The poll found: French is the language most spoken by Britons holidaying abroad, with over-ass most keen to try their hand at French; 12% of all those surveyed said there was no point in trying to speak a foreign language as "everyone speaks English"; 11% of people in south-west England take time before their departure to learn the local language; The under-ass are the best equipped to cope with trips abroad, with 51% saying they can speak another language.

Significant impact of global recession in 2009 The fall in visitors was due primarily to the global economic crisis which significantly affected the number of international trips worldwide, and also increased competition from emerging tourism destinations, in particular in the Africa Middle East region. The severe economic crisis saw most countries in Europe record negative GAP growth, with intra-European arrivals from the I-J and Spain - two countries hard hit y the crisis - recording the sharpest falls.

Arrivals from the US also suffered in 2009 as recession gripped that country. The decline of arrivals to Europe was higher than the world average (-5. 4%) in 2009, while Africa Middle East achieved the best performance with international arrivals growing by 2. 7%, aided by strong air capacity growth and expansion by the Big 3 - Emirates, Tithed and Qatar Airways. Http:// blob. Remuneration. Com/2010/08/is-the-European-tourism-industry-in-an-irreversible- decline. HTML Do a Google search - European tourism decline

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