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Progressive Era And Imperialism

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From 1815 to 1860 Industrialization was a problem in the world in the United States. During Industrialization immigrants came from eastern and western Europe. The reason why it was a problem because the immigrants came unskilled and with no jobs. They were also poor, catholic, Jewish, and likely to settle in cities rather than on farms. The families were so poor that they were living in tiny apartments with a lot of people. Because of problems in the United States before the 1890s reforms improved food production, urban poor, and woman’s rights.

One of the most important achievements of the Progressive Era was cleaning the meat packing industry. The meat inspection act was when federal agents inspect any meat sold across state lines and required federal inspection. Government forced them to pull food off the shelf because of bad conditions. The pure food and drug act was when food and drugs had to be tested by FDA. It was also created by the FDA. Upton’s Sinclair the Jungle was in 1906, it was described filthy and unhealthy conditions in meatpacking plants.

There would be meat that had tumbled out on the floor. How it affected us today? The government can force the meatpackers to pull the product off the shelves. This regulation is one lasting result of progressive insistence that the government take responsibility for food safety. Overall Upton’s Sinclair the Jungle was meant to tell everyone about the food production. One of the most important achievements of the Progressive Era was to expose how poor lived.

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Jacob Rii’s how the other lives used a camera to expose how urban poor lived. There were child labor and long hours. Jane Addams’s Hull house was a community center that provided social services to the urban poor. Their was childcare classes, taught English, nursery schools, and dance programs. What caused us to care? To protect the children and improve education. New York passed laws to make workplace safer and other cities and states followed suit. There is a settlement house in Chicago and over the years it included 13 building.

In conclusion urban poor is one of the most important achievements of the Progressive Era because of the poor conditions. One of the most important achievements of the Progressive Era was woman had new rights. In June 1919, congress approved the 10th amendment. Carrie Catt and Florence Kelley led the NAWSA to support the war effort. Margaret Sanger opened the first Birth-control clinic. In 1921, founded the American Birth Control league to make this information available to more women.

The Temperance movement was pushed for laws that could help mothers keep families healthy and safe. Members felt that alcohol often led men to spend their earnings on liquor, neglect their families, and abuse their wives. The National Consumer League gave special labels to good produced under fair, safe, and healthy working conditions. It backed laws calling for the government to inspect meatpacking plants, to make workplace safer, and to make payments to the unemployed.

In conclusion woman’s right was very important during the Progressive Era. Overall the Progressive Era was a way to solve all our problems which we did. After we got that taken care of we could now look towards imperialism. Imperialism is the policy by which strong nations extend their political, military, and economic control over weaker territories. During the mid-1800s to the early 1900s many nations wanted to extend their land across much of the world. Europe, Japan, Asia, Africa, and Spain all wanted to expand their land.

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