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Animal Cruelty Intresting Introduction to Speech

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Cages upon cages are stacked in a plain room. Each contains a monkey that will live there the rest of its life which could be years or days away. From isolation and insanity they pace round and round in circles. When they are taken out different tests are performed on them. Among these brutal experiments, is being shoved in tubes to be bled, having tubes shoved down their throats, and being painfully injected several times. These animals will never be free. Human clinical and epidemiological studies, cadavers, and computer simulators are faster, more reliable, less expensive, and more humane than animal tests.

Ingenious scientists have developed a model "microbrain" from human brain cells to study tumors, as well as artificial skin and bone marrow. We can now test for skin irritancy on cells in a test tube, produce vaccines from human cell cultures, and perform pregnancy tests using blood samples instead of killing rabbits. Says Gordon Baxter, cofounder of Pharmagene Laboratories, a drug research company that uses only human tissues and computers to develop and test drugs, "If you have information on human genes, what’s the point of going back to animals? "

Every year around 1 million animals are subjected to potentially dangerous drugs that may cause severe pain both physically and psychologically to the animal. Can you not see the irony in this? Every year around 1 million animals are subjected to potentially dangerous drugs that may cause severe pain both physically and psychologically to the animal. Visualize the pumping of chemicals into a rats' stomach, hacking muscle tissue from dogs', and putting baby monkeys in isolation chambers far from their mothers. Is there a purpose for this? When picking out your mascara or eyeliner, do you even stop to see what kind of makeup you are using?

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You could be supporting animal cruelty and not even know it. Today many makeup products, such as mascara, are being tested on animals. Helpless and defenseless animals are being performed on for different types of experiments all around the world. Animal testing is animal cruelty. It's something that goes unnoticed every day because of the benefits for people that are a result of it. You are most likely connected with it every day; it's the new cosmetic line that you just bought, your shampoo you use daily, or maybe even a vaccine. It's something that's overshadowed by advancements in the medical field.

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