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Animal Experimentation, a Cruel, Painful and Inhumane Process, Is Now Obsolete

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The use of animals for experimentation is a cruel and painful process that should no longer be around. Hours on hours of torture being inflicted onto animals, is a process unnecessary for the future of the human civilization. Although many would argue that without animal subjects to perform test on humanity would not be able to advance, I contend that animal testing is an obsolete because of new alternatives that have been made available.

Animal experimentation is an inhumane process that has been going on for far too long. Every year, millions of animals go through tests that can last for day, months, or even their entire lives. During these tests, animals may be infected with diseases, force fed lethal doses of chemicals or drugs, unwillingly inhale toxins, and many other incredibly painful and unbearable tests. Various tests tend to use thousands of animals, whom undergo pain riddled experiments, and are provided no pain killers whatsoever.

Most animals will die during the process, and once the experiments are finished, the scientists working in the labs, are free to euthanize the animal test subjects. If anyone outside a lab were to intentionally feed their pet(s) poison, or put them through immense measures of pain, they would surely be charged with accounts of animal abuse. If other citizens were to hear about their peer's monstrous acts, they would surely be appalled. Animal experimentation is just that, but in the labs that perform these test, nobody is calling the cops. Nobody is being charged with animal abuse. All it is, all it ever was, is a form of legalized animal abuse.

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Aside from the abuse that occurs within the experiments, animal testing has become outdated. Of all the tests performed on animals are products that are intended for humans, even though ninety percent of medicines found to be safe and effective among the animal subjects, they are deemed unsafe and/or ineffective by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used by humans. The testing products, whether they be medicines, cosmetics, or pesticides, on animals, doesn't guarantee safety for human beings. Rabbits are not humans, birds are not humans, dogs, are not humans. Other species will not react to all substances the same way humans will, no matter how similar their genetics are to that of a humans. It's now the 21 century. It's time to move away from that old broken method. Science has improved an exceptional amount in the past century.

Scientists now have a better understanding of the human body, and are learning more and more about what causes human illnesses in humans every day. Until they have a complete understanding of the human body, there are still alternatives to animal experimentations. Bio-engineering and computer modeling are both methods that scientists are now able to use to predict how humans will react to certain chemicals and drugs. Both are more accurate than animal testing, as well as being faster and cheaper, thus the money saved from using bio-engineering and computer modeling rather than animal experimentation, can go towards funding further research in the same field. With these methods, humanity can not only advance more quickly, but with millions of animals saved each year. The future is here, as well as the end of animal experimentations.

Banning animal testing isn't a new proposition to be introduced to the world. It has yet to be banned in the United States, but some countries in the European Union, such as England, have already taken action against it. The practice was banned in the English nation in 2004, and five years later in 2009, any and all products that had been tested on animals, such as L'Oreal, had been banned. With these bans, the country is still able to function, despite what some may believe.

Hygiene products, like shampoo and toothpaste, as well as effective medicines are still available to those who live within the country. Lacking animal tested products have not affected them negatively, nor would it have negative effects on the United States. Organizations like the Humane Society International (HIS) have already started the effort to rid the world of animal testing. Helping could be as simple as refusing to buy animal tested products, as well as other methods, until animal testing is completely abolished. Living in a world without animal experimentation is far from undo-able.

Abusive and inefficient, animal experimentations are a thing of the past. Humanity is ready to move on, and so they should. It's time to move on to a better future of less suffering.

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