Essays on Panda

Essays on Panda

Trophic level: Herbivorous Encyclopedia of Life
Mass: 150 – 280 lbs (Adult)
Lifespan: 20 years (In the wild)
Scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca
Order: Carnivora
Family: Ursidae
Lower classifications: Qinling panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca melanoleuca

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Kung-Fu Panda 2 Belonging

In the film Kung-Fu Panda 2, the extended metaphor of “Inner Peace” in the film symbolizes the need for a person to acknowledge their own weaknesses, their past and their faults, which conveys the importance of finding and accepting one’s identity. Furthermore throughout the film, …

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Hackers Blackmail Mahanta, Spandan Section B Statement of the Problem

Hackers Blackmail Mahanta, Spandan Section B Statement of the Problem: Implementation of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to replace paper records in Sunnylake hospital was a visionary idea. However a major area in implementation of technology i. e. Network Security was overlooked by the organisation. Moreover …

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Kung Fu Panda: Convergence and Interactivity

Convergence means coming together, merging or meeting. Advancement in technology has allowed bringing together different media to a single platform thus providing more functionality and services to the consumers (Convergence, 2004). Interactivity is the “degree to which users can make choices within an environment” (Web3D …

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Essays on Panda
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The Great Panda

The giant panda, which lives only in China outside of captivity, has captured the hearts of people of all ages across the globe. From their furry black and white body to their shy and docile nature, they are considered one of the most loved animals. …

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Why Pandas are my favorite animal?
Ron Swaisgood (Director of Applied Animal Ecology San Diego Zoo Institue Conservation Research) says that the reason we love pandas is because they remind me of myself. ... The classic pose of a panda eating is similar to the way humans lie on the floor.

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