Essays on Puberty

Essays on Puberty

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P1- Health and Social Care Life Stages

The Life Stages: 0-3 years is Tommy 4-9 years is Amy 10-18 years is Abbey 19-65 years is Denise/Jack 65+ years is Pat The human life span is set in age stages; these are called Life Stages. The stages are listed from 0-3 years to …

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Pages 24
Premarital Sex Argumentative Essay

Based on what the researcher’s have read premarital sex is sexual intercourse engaged in by persons who are unmarried. It is generally used in reference to individuals who are presumed not yet of marriageable age, or between adults who will presumably marry eventually, but who are engaging in sexual activity prior to …

Words 3919
Pages 16
Physiology of the Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is a cyclic process in females that, on average, occurs every 28 days. The purpose of the menstrual cycle is to help prepare the body for potential fertilization, implantation, and, consequently, pregnancy. The happenings of the menstrual cycle are consequences of the …

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Breast cancer reflection

The finding was made through a study from the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program at Michigan State University, which indicated that before any umors appear, there are changes in the breast that include increased cell growth and alterations in immune cells. I believe …

Breast CancerCancerPubertyTeacher
Words 570
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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Introduction Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrinology disorder affecting 15–20% of women in reproductive age worldwide.  PCOS characterized by hyperandrogenism and high level of insulin resistance which leads to the dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovary axis, resulting in anovulation and menstrual irregularity. PCOS is …

Words 2174
Pages 9
Pros and Cons in Teenage Pregnancy

How to prevent teen pregnancy has been a question for many years. Many people take having a baby as a joke. Getting pregnant and having a child involves many prose and cons. In the prevention of teen pregnancy there are many things that can be …

AdolescencePubertySexSexualityTeenage Pregnancy
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Life stages

Cognitive: at this stage children can think in language without fully understanding, Pigged said that from 2-7 years they will be unable to work things out or think about things in a logical way (pre- operational stage). From 7-11 years they will be able to …

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Pages 5
Effects of Hormones in Our Food

In 2006 our world’s human population was approximately 6. 7 billion. It is projected to increase to 9. 2 billion by 2050. With this many people in the world you need a substantial amount of food to feed them. But, this leads to a problem …

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Developmental Stages Matrix

Their primary form of communication is crying or cooing. When they need something they will cry to indicate a current need is not being met. Typically a coo would indicate all is well and they are content. Early Childhood During Infancy, the body is very …

Words 1223
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Adolescence & Transition

Adolescent development does not necessarily follow a similar pattern for every individual as the multidimensional phase spans through in a quite complex way. At a time of transition from childhood to adulthood traditionally, a period of rapid physical growth is flung upon the individual amidst …

Words 51
Pages 1
Artificial Birth Control

Definition of Artificial Birth Control Artificial birth control can be defined as any product, procedure or practice that uses artificial or unnatural means to prevent pregnancy. Barrier methods such as condoms and diaphragms, hormonal methods such as the pill and IUDs, and surgical sterilization procedures …

BirthBirth ControlPubertySexuality
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The edocrine system

The endocrine system The endocrine system is a collection of ductless glands which are positioned through the whole body. The endocrine glands pass their secretions of hormones directly into the blood stream so that they are always adjacent to blood vessels. Hormones are chemicals in …

AnatomyBiologyEssay ExamplesPuberty
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Understand Child Development and Young Person Development

Assessment Criteria 1. 1: Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth – 19 years. Answer to 1. 1: Below I have explained the sequence and rate of each development from birth – 19 years old in great detail. 0-2 Years …

AdolescenceChild DevelopmentMoralityPuberty
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Puberty Rites in Ghana

Puberty Rites After the child naming ceremony, puberty rites are the next set of rituals of social status transformation which children undergo in Ghanaian culture. The most well preserved puberty rites are the Dipo (pictured) of the Krobo ethnic group and the Bragoro of the …

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Informative Essay on Early Pregnancy

In considering an article on “Early Pregnancy: Normal and Abnormal” for a monograph on ultrasound in reproductive medicine and infertility, several issues arise. It is essential that the sonologist or sonographer understand what early pregnancy looks like on transvaginal ultrasound and why it looks like …

Words 64
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Unit 4 Development

Unit 4: Development Through the Life Stages P1: Describe physical, intellectual, emotional and social development for each of the life stages of an individual. Through every life stage we experience physical, intellectual and social and emotional development. Physical development is when the appearance of the …

Words 1812
Pages 8
Development Stages: Adolescence

Development refers to growth, adaptation and change that occur over the course of a lifetime (Papalia, et. al, 2007). The human being is never static, from conception to death, physical and psychological change is constantly taking place in all of us. The process of development …

AdolescenceAdolescent DevelopmentChildhoodPuberty
Words 85
Pages 1
Family Planning Critical Essay

Real Distinction between the Natural Family Planning to the Artificial Family Planning What is Family Planning? What are the differences between the Natural and Artificial Family Planning? Family planning is the planning of when to have children, and the use of birth control and other techniques to implement such plans. Other …

CondomFamily PlanningPubertySexSexuality
Words 3217
Pages 13
Case Study: Psychological Case of Mark Spencer

Introduction             The case of Mark Spencer involves the psychosocial dilemma related to peer pressure and the necessary coping mechanisms, family management, and policy ordainment. Evidently, the initial character and status of Mark started in a very commendable atmosphere with emphasis on moral conduct and …

AdolescenceCase StudyFamilyMotivationPuberty
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Developmental Psychology Term Paper

Essay Assignment 2 Rebecca’s Rebellion 1. Describe the changes in physical growth and development that she would have experienced in the past 3-4 years and how these changes could be impacting her current state. A number of factors have contributed to Rebecca’s current rebellion against …

AdolescenceDevelopmental PsychologyPubertySelf Esteem
Words 1842
Pages 8
Improving Socials Skills

The child recognizes his/her parents as safe people. Improving socials skills, developing friendships, Improving self-confidence, and aiding the care ever.  A central task of adolescence is to develop a sense of oneself as an autonomous individual. The drive for such autonomy derives from the internal, …

AdolescenceAutonomyEssay ExamplesPubertySelf Esteem
Words 3057
Pages 13
Alt Options for Conception

The ere is also a reoccurred called intrauterine insemination; which is basically artificial inseam nation and is used to treat infertility and help a woman reproduce. Both of these procedures shoo w enormous progress in helping couples who cannot conceive naturally to build a family, …

BiologyPubertyPublic HealthSexSexuality
Words 992
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Puberty Blues Study

Society has changed dramatically since the 1970’s, especially for teenagers and the newer generations. Although in some ways it is still similar. It seems the biggest impact on these changes all result from technology. The introduction of the internet, mobile phones and social networking, in …

Words 1207
Pages 5
Youth Work

Adolescent Development I am going to discuss the factors affecting young people during adolescent development. I will be exploring the physical and physiological, psychological, and social impact of change in adolescent, and the theories relating to the stages of development and identity formation. Adolescence is …

Words 1092
Pages 5
American and Mexican Culture

Introduction to Ovulation Many women learn how to calculate their ovulation when they first talk to a doctor about birth control. But some may still question whether they can get pregnant if they aren’t ovulating. The answer to that question is not as straightforward as …

Words 404
Pages 2
Understanding children and young peoples development

A traditional approach to child development study has been to emphasis “Normative Measure”. This is concerned with studying milestones or stages in a child’s development and show what most children can do at a particular age. In reality there is a wide range of normal …

Words 1903
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Puberty Mini Essay

Puberty Mini Essay There are many factors that affect the timing of puberty. A large factor is genetics, because it later causes the onset of other factors as well. It’s said that maturation and puberty are determined by genetic forces and can be different depending …

Words 466
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Dave Barry’s Where Did My Little Girl Go: Puberty in Girls

Have you noticed the rapid physical changes they’re going through? If so, you are not alone. Countless parents are experiencing this, and so is Dave Barry. He recently explained this topic In his editorial, “Where Did My Little Girl Go? ‘ and for me, I …

Gender SocializationPersonsPuberty
Words 274
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Nursery Nurse

Explain different transitions children and young people may experience from 0-19 years and how adults can support them through them. Babies weaning – young children may not like their new routine, such as different sleep patterns, different foods, not as much milk, Children may begin …

ChildhoodEssay ExamplesFamilyPubertyTeacher
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Reproductive System

Divisions of pituitary glands, hormones secreted by each Anterior Pituitary (dehydrogenation’s) GHZ-Growth Hormone Protraction CATCH-Terminologically hormone FISH-Follicle-stimulating hormone LO-Eluting hormone Posterior Pituitary (neurophysiology) DAD-Antipathetic hormone Extinction Structures of Male & Female Reproductive Organs Males: Vass Deferent urethra Penis Glands Penis Prepuce (foreskin) Seminal Vesicle Ejaculatory …

Words 526
Pages 3

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Puberty is the process of physical changes through which a child's body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction. It is initiated by hormonal signals from the brain to the gonads: the ovaries in a girl, the testes in a boy.


Puberty is when a child's body begins to develop and change as they become an adult. Girls develop breasts and start their periods. Boys develop a deeper voice and facial hair will start to appear. The average age for girls to begin puberty is 11, while for boys the average age is 12.

Puberty books for girls

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  • The Boy's Body Book
  • HelloFlo: The Guide, P...


How do you explain puberty?
Puberty marks the time that a child’s body begins changing as they mature into an adult. Girls grow breasts and begin their periods. Boys will have a deeper voice and begin to develop facial hair. The average age at which girls begin puberty in their teens is 11.
Why is puberty important?
Your body will develop faster in puberty than it did any other time during your life, unless you were a baby. It is useful to understand the changes puberty creates before they occur. It will be easier to know what you can expect. It is important to remember, however, that all people go through these changes.
What are the changes during puberty?
When a person's body begins changing as they grow up, this is called puberty. Girls grow breasts and begin their periods. Boys develop a deeper voice. Facial hair will also begin to form. For girls, puberty begins at the age of 11, for boys it is at 12
What are the physical changes in female during puberty?
The first signs are usually followed by a growth spurt approximately 1 to 2 years later. As she gains the body of a woman, her body begins to gain fat. Her arms, legs, hands, and feet also will get larger.

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