Social Studies Teenage Pregnancy Questionnaire SBA

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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TITLE: An examination on Teenage Pregnancy in my community


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  • Task 1: Statement of Problem
  • Task 2: Reason for Selecting Area of Research
  • Task 3: Method of Investigation
  • Task 4: Data Collection Instrument
  • Task 5: Procedures for Data Collection
  • Task 6: Presentation of Data
  • Task 7: Analysis and Interpretation of Data
  • Task 8: Statement of Findings
  • Task 9: Recommendations and Implementation Strategy


I have taken effort in this project; however, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and book publishers. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I am highly indebted to Modules In Social Studies by Rampersad Ramsawak and Ralph .R Umraw for providing necessary information regarding this research.

I would like to express my gratitude towards my family, friends and the persons in my community who participated, for their kind co-operation and encouragement which help me in the completion of this project, And most of all to God for making this possible.


  1. What factors contribute to the increasing problem of Teenage Pregnancy?
  2. How does this problem impact the lives of children?
  3. What can be done to decrease the cause of teenage pregnancy?


This area of research was chosen because it is a prominent issue that could be addressed in a better light.

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The researcher wants to explore the options or measures that can assist these teenagers and also what can be done to eliminate the increase of teenage pregnancy in the community of Maroon Town.

TASK 3: METHOD OF INVESTIGATION The method of investigation chosen to implement data is in the form of a questionnaire that was shared randomly to persons within my community.

TASK 4: DATA COLLECTION INSTRUMENT QUESTIONNAIRE Instructions: Please read the following questions and put a tick in the box provided or answer on the spaces.

  1. Sex: Male Female
  2. To which age group do you belong ? 9- 12 years, 13- 15 years, 16- 19 years, 20- 50 years
  3. How long have you been a resident of this community? 3- 5 years, 7- 10 year,s 12- 15 years, Others
  4. To which ethnic group do you belong? African decent, Indian decent, Chinese decent, Other
  5. What is your level of education? Primary, Secondary, Tertiary
  6. What is the highest grade you completed? 8- 9 grade, 10- 11 grade, Some college, Other
  7. At what age did you become sexually active? 11- 13 years, 14- 16 years, 17- 18 years, 19- 20 years
  8. How many children do you have? 1-2 children, 3- 4 children, Over 5 children, Others
  9. How did you first find out about sex? Family, Friends, School, Media, Other
  10. What is your main source of financial support? Own job, Spouse, Parents, Other
  11. Are you currently working? Yes No
  12. If not why?
  13. Do you think that peer influences affect your opinion on sex? Yes No
  14. What are the main causes of teenage pregnancy? Lack of parental guidance, Sexual assault or rape, Economic issues Poverty
  15. How does teenage pregnancy affect teenagers education?
  16. What are the advantages and disadvantages or teenage pregnancy?
  17. What were the challenges faced during your pregnancy?
  18. What measures can be taken to reduce the cause of teenage pregnancy in my community?


To gather information for this project the researcher constructed a questionnaire which consists of eighteen questions which were contributed to thirty teenagers in Maroon Town. The sample was selected using the simple method by placing fifty names of persons in my community in a bag.

The bag was shaken and the first twenty names selected were given a questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire were contributed on the 30th of October and collected the 6th of November. Of the respondents, 70percent were female and 30percent were male.


Data was collected for this project using a pie chart, a histogram and a bar graph. Figure 1 Figure one is a pie chart illustrating the ages at which teenagers became sexually active in the community of Maroon Town. An estimate of 40% became pregnant at the age of 14 to 16 years

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