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Speech Outline

Topic: Suicide Specific

Purpose: To aware people about suicide and help them to find out if someone could be living this awful situation. By being aware all of us could save lives in danger.

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Introduction: Attention

Getter: Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U. S. surpassed by accidents and homicide. (According to Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention)

Statement of Significance: Suicide or “self-killing” or “an act of taking one’s own life” according to Robert M. Martin.

Now committing suicide is very common in nowadays anyone could be in danger of doing it, your mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, and aunt could be going through this hard stage. I will tell you the main causes of suicide, the signs of a suicidal person, and how could you help someone on need.

Preview: Today I will be talking about why people commit suicide, the sings and methods and finally how we can help someone that wants to commit suicide.

Transition: Now that I covered the significance let’s see why people do it

Body: I. Why do people commit suicide?

A. They think it’s killing themselves is the only way of his/her problems.

1. Usually when someone takes over hi/her life they aren’t thinking straight because for example (when you were little and you went to the doctor and they wanted to give you an injection you would say no, because it would hurt. Now imagine wanting to end up with your own life)

2. Most of the times suicide is planned buy in other cases is not planned its just and instinct that people have and supposedly their way out of problems. Women attempt suicide more often than men, but men are 4 times more likely to commit suicide because men use more effective methods such as gun and hanging themselves.

B. Depression

1. Having some personal problems such as a breakup, a big fight with a loved one, parents getting a divorce, being an outcast in school or in other place, even an unwanted pregnancy could depress someone that much that suicide is their first thing in their heads and they end up doing it.

2. Having some personal issues is also a main cause of suicide such as being sexually abuse, homosexual preferences, and self- identity and a trauma (according to Edwin Shneidman) which includes poor health, example asthma, obesity, and multiple illness .

Transition: Now you know the main causes why do people commit suicide, now let’s see the sings of a suicidal person and methods of suicide. II. Sings of a suicidal person and methods

A. Signs

1. The suicidal signs are easy to identify, and if you identify them early enough you could save a person’s live that could be in danger.

2. According to the website kidshealth. org here are the signs of a suicidal person * talking about suicide or death in general * talking about “going away” * referring to things they “won’t be needing” or giving away possessions * talking about feeling hopeless or feeling guilty pulling away from friends or family and losing the desire to go out * having no desire to take part in favorite things or activities * having trouble concentrating or thinking clearly * experiencing changes in eating or sleeping habits * engaging in self-destructive behavior (for ex. drinking, drugs, or cutting)

B. Methods

1. Top 10 suicidal methods according to listverse. com 10. Drowning 5. Carbon Monoxide Inhalation 9. Electric shock 4.

Poison 8. Bleeding to death 3. Hanging 7. Jumping 2. Drug/ Alcohol Overdose 6. Suffocation 1. Gun Shot III. How could we help/ prevent suicide? A. If it’s someone you know? 1. Don’t leave a family, friend, or stranger alone trying to commit suicide. Try to help them in any kind of way you can by giving them advices and make the realize how suicide could affect everyone around them B. What if it’s you? 1.

If suicide has come across your mind, don’t just sit there get some help from a person you trust as soon as possible, or you could call the suicide line 24/7 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-999-9999. Remember that suicide is not the way out. Transition: So know you know if saving a live is in your hand do it right away and before it’s too late. Conclusion: Before I finish remember that Restatement of significance: It’s important that we take any sing in consideration because our loved ones could be thinking of a suicide and we must protect them.

Review: I have covered why people commit suicide, the sings and methods and finally how we can help someone that wants to commit suicide, so once again keep these in mind you could save a life.

Closing Device: Just remember that suicide is not the way out.

References: 1. Robert M.

Martin Suicide: The Philosophical Issues New York: 1980 48-54 2. Edwin S. Shneidman Suicidology: Contemporary Developments New York 1976 1-14 3. Methods of suicide http://listverse. com/health/top-10-ways-to-commit-suicide/ 24 June 2008 4. Suicide in general http://kidsheath. org/parent/emotions/behaviors/suicide. html 24 June 2008

Persuasive Speech Outline

Persuasive Speech Outline - Ghost I. Introduction: A. Attention-Getter: Do you believe in ghost or the existence of the afterlife? B. Link-to Audience: You may not even believe that actually ghosts are everywhere around us, but, they are. C. Speaker Credibility: I am here today to share with all of you my research on ghost. D. Thesis Sentence: I will convince you that the existence of ghost is real. E. Preview of Speech: Firstly, I would like to define ghost. Then I’ll begin with explaining some old folks’ “rumours” or “saying”.

Then I would like to share with you an article of a Doctor’s experience of the afterlife. Transition: Let's begin with a question. II. Definition A. Ghost is defined as the spirit of a person that has died. Transition: Most of you heard of other people’s supernatural experiences such as a ghost possessed and near-dead experience but only few of you experienced on your own. So why and how it can happen? III. Explanation A. The existence of the human magnetic field B. The proximity of the magnetic oscillation frequency

C. Energy conversion Transition: You may think that what I’ve told you are just crapping. Believe it or not, now I’m going to tell you some true stories that happened from my friends. III. True story at: A. Amber Court, Genting Highland B. Ria, Genting Highland C. An abandoned hospital, in Selangor. Transition: Although currently we still cannot provide a scientific proof of the existence of ghost, sometimes things may happen magically without any reason. IV. Conclusion A.

Restate thesis: Remember, ghost exists around us. Most of us can’t see them because we are in different magnetic field. B. Restate main points: I have briefly explained what is ghost and how does ghost possession can happen and I have told you few true stories of my friend. C. Call-to-Action: Believe in the existence of ghost is not scary but more like a prevention. They exist because of us, dies. They make no harm to us if we don’t provoke them. D. Clincher: So, be careful guys. Those empty seats are occupied by “them”.

Tattoo Inform. Speech Outline

Artistic Freedom of Speech

1. Introduction

A. Attention-getter: One in five U. S. adults now has a tattoo. Tattoos have been around for centuries and have different purposes all around the world.

B. Significance: After my speech, the audience will have a better knowledge on why people get tattoos.

C. Credibility: I have researched information based on this topic.

D. Thesis Statement: To inform my audience on the reasons people get a tattoo and discuss some examples.

E. Preview: A. Honor B. Religion C. Obsession II. Body A.

The Samoan Islands have a long history of tattooing that dates back to encourages here the word tattoo is believed to have originated from. Hinduism tattooing and there is no prohibition. However, in Islam, tattoos are not only from being at peace with forbidden but they are believed to "prevent someone god. "

2. Some people get religious tattoos Just to snow out their beliefs.

These people were not forced by their religion to get a tattoo. Some examples include: Christianity- crosses, bibles verses, rosary, or images of God or other religious figures. Judaism- Star of David or hebrew writing, Buddhist- buddhas or lotus flowers.

Transition: We now know why people get tattoos for dedication or religious purposes. C. Finally, another reason why people get a tattoo is because of obsession.

1. People will become so obsessed with someone or something, that they will go as far as to get it tattooed on their skin. For example, someone obsessed with the zodiac might go get their zodiac symbol tattooed on them. Someone obsessed with Michael Jackson, might get his face or song with a cartoon or celebrity such as lyrics tattooed on themselves.

2. Tattoos are also favored for making a fashion statement. Someone obsessed with permanent makeup.

If you beauty might get cosmetic tattooing, also known as sing real tattoo ink. A lip tattoo make your lips look thicker. have faint eyebrows, you can get them filled in can add definition to the lip outline and your more. 3. Another form of obsession involving tattoos could be that once you get first tattoo, you want to go back to the tattoo shop and keep getting Transition: I have now informed you and on three reasons why people might get tattoos. As well as discuss some examples to help the audience understand.


Many people get tattoos for different reasons.

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