Do Footballers Get Paid Too Much for What They Do?

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Last Updated: 15 Apr 2021
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Hello, today I am going to be giving you a speech on the topic 'Do footballers get paid to much for what they do?' Premiership footballers, 17-18 year olds earn the average of 24,000 a week and for 27 - 28 year olds it is up to 899,500 a week!

David Beckham has just signed a new deal with Manchester United which will make him the highest paid footballer in the world. He'll earn around 11m a year. But are footballers' wages ridiculously high? Are they damaging to the game? Or do you think they're worth it because their careers are so short and they really need the cash?

It's madness. They just get to do their hobby and they get paid the best, it's just crazy! They don't cure anyone, teach anyone or help anyone by kicking a ball around a pitch do they? So the money should be going to the doctors and teachers who do a lot for the world.

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By contrast, the average doctor is paid 75,000 per year. Yet doctors are relied on by the public, you and me to save people's lives and generally help our welfare of us and footballers merely have a natural talent to run around a field and kicking a football around. What would you rather have? Doctors who save your family and save your life or have the entertainment of footballers running around the pitch and rolling around on the floor?

Others argue that the game is being ruined due to the high salary of footballers. Even the people on the bench sitting down doing nothing getting paid vast amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing! Getting paid more then teachers by sitting around the edge of the pitch and get a free ticket to the game.

Also during these difficult times due to the credit crunch, think what uses we could use that money on! Our NHS service could be improved enormously. But you can admire some footballers who give up most there salary to a charity.

Perhaps the footballers are making playing football look too easy After all, how hard can kicking a football around the pitch be? Not many brain cells required. Some people talk of footballers as role models for many young fans. But what are we meant to think when a player gets drunk at a party on a Friday night and goes and attacks a member of the public? And when a footballer goes out and trashes a brand new 500 thousand pound Lamborghini and doesn't care just buys a new one without looking back.

That is my view on 'Do footballers get paid too much for what they do.

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