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Even though soldiers provide a more valuable service. All footballers do is kick a ball around a field and moan that they don't get paid enough while soldiers are over in another country risking their lives to protect ours spending months on end away from their families. This happened to my older brother he was sent on a tour of Afghanistan for nine months and he missed the birth of his son (his first words, his first steps) he even missed our mothers death and funeral.

Footballers don't have to do that they can just leave training if they have an emergency! Some people think that when soldiers sign up to join the army they know what they are getting not and its their own choice and they aren't being forced into the army. I think these people are heartless. Secondly, I believe that the money footballers get paid could be put to better use. In the Premier League alone around two hundred million pounds are spent on players' salaries per year! With that money you could change some of Africa into a first world country.

You could give them proper housing, clean endless supply of water, electricity, schools, hospitals and especially jobs. Some might say that footballers do give to charity and already donate money to those things but hey don't give much; they could still give a lot more! There are some very charitable footballers such as Tidier Dragon who spent three million pounds of his wages to building a hospital in his hometown of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. However, there are others who give nothing.

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One man can't change the world! Another reason why many players shouldn't get paid so much is because most of them just waste it. Karri Benzene is a good example, he bought a chrome three million pounds Budgets Everyone super sport which he hardly uses. Many of them buy stupid pointless things that aren't even important or they just do it as a joke like one footballer bought an Oxbow one just so he could throw it off a balcony another bought a Lampooning Reverent for one million pounds so he could blow it up.

Other people may believe that it is their money and they can do with it what they want but they should be more responsible! They could donate some money to charity or keep it in savings for when they retire. Even do something worthwhile for their family! Furthermore, some footballers don't deserve it because some Of them are just bad people like the obvious Luis Square, who bit Atman Baked whilst playing for Ajax against SSP and he but Barbarian Avionic whilst playing for Liverpool against Chelsea! He also bit Giorgio Chilling at the world cup for Uruguay against Italy.

In addition to this violent conduct he was racist to Patrice Ever by refusing to shake his hand, is this man is a good role model for children? Does he really deserve to earn thousands each week? Another example is a star Brazilian footballer who tortured and killed his mistress then fed her dismembered body to his pet Arteriole's. Goalkeeper Bruno Fernando De Souza who was tipped to play for Brazil in the 2014 World Cup, is accused of murdering model Elise Samurai to avoid paying child support after she gave birth to his love child.

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