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Is There Too Much Sex on T.V?

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Is there too much explicit sex on T. V? Over the past century, television has changed quite alot. Contents that was once seen as being inappropriate and outrageous, is now on everyday television. Recently, sex has become the main focus on our television screens. Many people think it is bad for young people’s health but others may say it is an appropriate way of advertising and attracting viewers and readers. Sexual scenes and images can lead people to a very wrong conclusion of how they should look and act.

Television producers claim that what they are broadcasting is appropriate but many young people do end up watching women and men who all have perfect bodies. Body image is a major issue in the UK and according to a survey from 2008, 44% of women express negative feelings about both individual body parts and their bodies as a whole. If this is an adult’s view of their body, then the images in the media are affecting girls and even boys from our own generation on a much higher level, leaving many young people with very low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Reasons to support the views that there is too much explicit sex on TV is that some people feel that sex on television has become acceptable and is being broadcasted in 'soaps' and other programs during the day. Carolyn Teasley, a journalist said, "Soap operas have bored me recently, it was becoming harder to tell who had slept with whom anyway. " This quote shows that some people have became bored and lost interest in programs because they no longer care about an interesting story, or plot, only the advertisement of sex.

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Sex on TV can also influence children in a huge way, many teenagers have admitted to having underage sex because they have felt pressured from the television and the programmess that they watch. However, in the programmes, the teenagers do not see the dangers and consequences of sex. They only see a directors perception of an interesting scene. This can cause underage people to get sexually transmitted diseases and also underage pregnancy.

Some people find sex or even the implementation of sex quite boring and not very interesting, they also don't see it as it being an important part of relationship between two people who truly love each other. Some choose to change the channel when there is a scene of a male and female undressing. Most people say that they would rather read an interesting story than see sex displayed on television. Most couples have admitted to feeling insecure when watching sex on television because the actors have perfect bodies and look a certain way and they do not.

Adding to this most people, especially elderly people can feel uncomfortable watching sex scenes on television. On the other hand, some people feel that sex on television isn't as bad as some people make it out to be. For example some people feel that sex on TV can benefit children. The UK has one of the worst teenage pregnancy rates in the developed world, simply because children are not being taught enough at school about sex. A channel 4 programme called "the sex education show" teaches children about sex in an appropriate manor, also the show is shown at later hours so no young children can see.

Another point that can be made is that most parents complain and say there is too much sex on TV and their young child is exposed to the sexual behavior on the TV. However, sky and some freeview boxes have a parental control with a pin code to view only certain channels and it is up to the parent which programmes their child can watch, if they chose to let their child watch a programme of a sexual nature, then they have no right to comment and say it is not appropriate because the child has been given its parents discretion. Another advantage is the income that is made from these programmes and movies.

Most programmes that have high ratings are of a sexual nature. Statistics show that more people watch shows with sexual content such as 'Friends', 'two and a half men' and 'scrubs'. A leading journalist for the guardian said "As time goes by television broadens its horizons and opens up new doors. Television draws in audiences by portraying what's on people's minds and what's going on around them. People will continue to be attracted to money and sex on television," Although many people think sex on TV is bad, the majority of people agree that is it also a good thing.

To conclude, my opinion on the amount of sex on TV is acceptable. I feel that programmes of a sexual nature are shown at an appropriate time. I also feel that sex on TV does help educate young children, because young children can make up insane rumours about things involving sex and seeing the truth on TV can reasure the child of what is right and wrong. In addition I think it is the responsibility of the parent to decide what they are allowing their children to be exposed to, they shouldnt let their child watch the programme if they do not think it is suitable or appropriate for their age.

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