Fake News: A New Platform in the Modern Era

Last Updated: 31 May 2023
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The shocking headlines of the past year entitled "Pope Francis shocks the world, endorses Donald Trump for president." and "Ten thousands' of fraudulent votes found in Ohio warehouse." all has one thing in common: They weren't true. That it was all manufactured out of malice or to try making money out on advertising revenue to deceive as much many unwitting Internet readers. In other words, this is "Fake News").

On the survey that was conducted by Team Lewis about "The Role of Fake News on Media and Brand Consumption" defined Fake News as an ambiguous term for a type of journalism that fabricates or manipulate materials to produce more preferable narrative issue to the field of Politics, Finance or even in just attention-seeking gain. Moreover, seventy-four percent of the respondents said that the fake news only appears when if it is purposefully misrepresented facts or articles without relevant facts.

Fake News seems new but the platform that was used was the only new thing about it. People usually think of social media posts with rather fantastic, implausible stories when the fake news comes up. It has said that Fake News has still spreading and it two reasons why it keeps spreading: To gain from sensationalist attitude or to promote political ideologies. Furthermore, some people think that an article is fake if it relates to political issues and Fake News spreads quickly on social media networks because it is easy to share it.

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Thomas Fiedler said at COMTALK column around this year that Faculty and Students have been agonizing recently about the appearance of fake news in the social networking sites and in the society which is false information packaged to deceive the viewers into realizing it that it was created by professionals with respect for truth. Moreover, Fake News was compared to cockroaches that tend to keep coming back and Fake news dies hard as Jim Rutenberg said also in New York Times. According to the group of researchers Beuth et.al, Fake news is much more dangerous stating that it is something else which abuse the functional logic of social networks and that it could affect and make the users upset at any point of time.

According the researchers Gu et.al, Fake News has also a fire triangle like the three elements of a fire in order for it to ignite namely: Oxygen, heat and Fuel. In Fake News, three different items are needed for it to succeed and without these factors it is unable to spread and reach its target. First is the "Tools and Services" for the manipulating and for spreading the message across relevant social media networks and some is of it includes money from across the globe. It is simply for social media promotion to be readily available both inside and outside the underground scene.

Second is the platform which refers to "Social Networks" for making it faster to spread throughout the world by the people who is actively spending their time on net and to see those latest news and article. However, this isn't simple as posting it so it should be used by spammers in order to lure the people into viewing their stories. Third and last tools is "Motivation" which is simply a desire for monetary gain through advertising but regardless of the motive, good outcome of any propaganda campaign will be judge based on how big the impact of it to the real world.

The most common fake stories revolve around then field of politics but people cannot undermine the impact of these false stories that is on the society. There are a lot of impacts that Fake News can bring to the society and one of the main concerns of this is that it can split society particularly during political events such as elections. Furthermore, fake news can not only polarize different groups within the nation but it can also affect international relations. However, Fake news doesn't only revolve in political essence but also in the world of showbiz that is wild these days. Celebrity scandals dominate the tabloids and fake scandals just seem more believable than the truth which leads to racism, harassment, intimidation and destroy reputation. This scenarios is happen in the social network and then users will now comments and share confirming the ideas and biases and this is where the underlying force that broadcasts false information.

Fake news is not also unique to the Philippines and this problem had gone and became to be a global phenomenon undermining democracy and free press. The platform that is most widely used for good or real news is also the platform where Fake news spreads which is moving with media organizations and the academe to address problem. Fake News has been suggested as a form oxymoron explaining that it is an oxymoron for lies. It is also a lies that is camouflaged as truth. Moreover, Fake news is a misnomer and it not a news anymore instead it is or it should be called "misinformation and disinformation ecosystem" especially in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Fake news floods and it is not always a complimentary. It has been said that it is recruiting soldiers for a coup which happened between the Vice-President with the United Nations secretary general to conspire into removing the president at his throne. These attacks come in waves from outraged trolls with social media accounts the later be flooded with insults, violent threats and memes that shows mocking and disgracing a person, a place or any other issues before they will go to their target. Ms. Up until now, nobody knows who funds these people that create it.

However, new study states that Fake news shouldn't be the only thing to blame but rather the limitations of the human brain. This explained that when people loaded with a lot of information they tend to rely on the less-than-ideal coping mechanisms to distinguish good from bad and end up favoring the most popular rather than the truth. In other words, person with overloaded thoughts or with information is much easier to manipulate for the advertisers and purveyors of fake news. Due to the significant impacts of this, judging between good and bad information has become more important than before in today's online information networks.

The real impact of spreading fake news and growing interest in it is the realization that the public might not be well-equipped to differentiate the truth from the false information. Moreover this ideology seems to have a great impact in the assessment of legit news to a troubling degree because as some people tends to believe in something that looks and feels real. Sadly, there is no easy way to fix such problem which something Google and Facebook is trying to do but however the solution of this problem should be starting with the user itself. They should enhance their skeptical skills and should be better- equipped to differentiate the false from true information that will come.

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