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Career Assessment Examination Platform

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Chapter 4 Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data This chapter reviewed the analysis of the existing system that was used by the proponents, the development of the proposed system and software, the objectives of the proposed system and software, and the evaluation of the system and software products. Presentation of Data In developing the proposed study, the proponents gathered information through the use of the questionnaires. The respondents were asked to answer and give their opinion regarding the existing system assessment examination method.

Profile of the Respondents. The respondent’s answer the interview in order to identify their knowledge on the existing system. The respondents are mostly highschool students of Baliuag University. The current process for the existing assessment examination method The current process is done by the admission office prior to the beginning of very semester. The examiner/applicant will fill up the application form manually and will choose his/her desired course.

Once the applicant has pass their application form to the admission office, the next step is he/she will take the assessment and after he/she took the assessment exam, he/she will wait for 15-20mins for the result of his/her exam. If they passed in their desired course the admission personnel will tell him/her that they passed in their exam. Tools/Instruments currently used in taking assessment examination method Tools and instrument are the basic necessities required to complete the examination.

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In a manual process of taking examination, pen, questionnaire and answer sheet are the main instruments used by responsible person such as the applicant. Once the applicant is done with answering the admission personnel will check it also manually and will compute it in an average grading computation. Problems commonly encountered in the existing system There are some factors that need to considered before the applicant will enroll in his/her desired course be completed. It is possible, given the current method, that errors will not occur.

The number one problem encountered is that the applicant is not suitable for the course he/she has chosen. This variable is commonly a human computation error because when manually done the computation of the assessment they cannot be indicate the suitable course for the applicant. Added features suggested for the improvement of the existing system Improving the assessment examination system will be beneficial to all people concerned, a reliable, efficient, accurate and user friendly will prevent the problems encountered in the existing system.

A current and always uploaded database containing applicant information, the printed result of the exam and in what course the applicant will be fit in are some of the added features suggested for the improvement of the current system. This database must be a user friendly environment that provides all information that the applicant needed. Components of the Proposed Software The following are the incorporated components in the proposed software, giving an overview of features and functions included to increase the usability and functionality of the software.

General Features. The main function of the proposed software is assessment examination. Menu Driven. The software provides an onscreen list of available function through buttons which is organized in tabs for easier navigation. Button Driven. The system provides a list of choices for the user through the use of mouse and keyboard. User-Friendliness. The interface of the software is designed to be simple and easily access so that the users can use it efficiently. Software Functions. The main objective of the proposed software is to assess exam.

Software Inputs and Outputs. The software inputs and outputs can be explained using Input-Process-Output, Visual Table of Contents and Class Diagram. (See Appendix …… ) Software Development This system development describes how the proponents develop the proposed system by means of specifying the materials used, describing the implementation and stating how it evaluated. Specifications. The proposed system has been developed using the following software and hardware specification. | | | | | | | | | Design. The system was developed by the proponents using Visual Basic.

Net and MySQL which show as the necessary information regarding the assessment examination. The system was designed using program flowchart, VTOC. Programming. The program was set in a computer to give a solution to the problem of the existing system. All the information that has been accumulated is applied in this system. The proposed system is programmed through the use of Visual Basic. Net. The coding part is where the entire design is transmitted into a programming language. Testing. The proponents tried to conduct a series of test in the system that was made if there are any data error or lack of information needed.

Implementation of the Proposed Software The proposed software was designed and developed to know how each module of the system works. It is made through coding. The proponents assure that the software will run normally and free from errors. The test was conduct to avoid possible problems. After the system passes the entire test, it is time that the system will implemented that will guarantee users that the system is accurate, reliable and faster to use. Evaluation of the Software Product The proposed system should be evaluated to prove to feasibility for implementation.

Many different evaluation approaches are available but the study will only focus on its technical and operational feasibility. Technically Feasibility. The hardware and software requirements of the proposed system are readily available at the marketplace. Windows XP and Windows 7 are Microsoft’s operating system that dominates the market and patronized by many users. Since the software hardware requirements to develop and operate the operates the propose system can be easily obtained the proposed system is said to be technically feasible. Operational Feasibility.

The operational feasibility includes projecting whether the system will operate and used once it is installed. With the prospective users expressing is need to develop the system, the proposed system was design to satisfy the expressed needs of the prospective users. To determine whether to developed proposed system has met user requirements, evaluation forms were given to target users. These forms were used to gather responses to the proposed system. The means given by the users are evidences that the proposed system is acceptable in them.

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