Face to Face Skills for Customer Service

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Face to Face Summer Erxleben MAR2305 December 17, 2011 Brandi Summers Face to Face The manner in which I handled this customer service call was unprofessional and handled very poorly. I did not answer the phone within three rings or use the proper greeting that the company requires. There were many things I could have done different in this situation. First and foremost I should have done my job and handled her situation right away. However, that was not the case. Since I did not, there were other ways I could have smoothed things over with Aretha and rectified the situation.

I should have answered the phone according to the company’s guidelines of answering before three rings and using the standard greeting. I should have not discussed any personal issues that I was having with her or used those as an excuse as to why I did not return her phone call. I should have gone straight to apologizing for my mistake and resolving the issue. I feel as if Aretha was justified in how she treated me. She was frustrated and expressed it to me. I made her angrier over the situation by trying to excuse my actions instead of trying to find a resolution.

Personal issues and priorities can sometimes effect customer service because employees can let the mood over them flow into the work environment. An employee could possibly treat a customer with anger or indifference because of these issues. They can also be distracted from performing their required tasks. It is important to separate your home life from your work life. There are times an employee will need to put on a smile and positive attitude even when faced with such issues.

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