External Market Analysis of the Organisation (Bradford College) PEST

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Looking at political factors affecting Colleges in the Country both positive and negative, in recent years, Government policies such as Top up Fees leaves some students (home students) in huge financial problems after graduation Another Government policy that would have negative effect on colleges is widespread reforms to funding, according to recent budget announced by Gordon Brown, The Department for Education and Skills is to get a real terms 2. 7 per cent increase between 2008 and 2010-11. English education's share of that is 2.

5 per cent a year on average in real terms, taking spending from 2010 in England to 74. 4bn. That is more than ministers feared when the spending round began. It is less than many in education would have hoped for. But it is not all bad news, there are other Government policies which benefit some Colleges and Universities, for example, the announcement of the planned  25m investment in science and engineering departments is a welcome sign of the government addressing the financial difficulties affecting many of our universities. (Financial Times http://www.efinancialnews. com/, visited on 20-04-07).

There are some Economic factors affecting colleges in the Country, for example, the recent report by the BBC reviewed that Colleges are spending more money on entering students for exams than they are on heating, cleaning or computers, they say, this is as a result of government policy which requires colleges to use external qualifications as a pre-condition for receiving funding. " The continuing rise in exam-fee expenditure above 10% a year is unsupportable and will deny other resources to students. "

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On a more positive side, the recent proposed Bill (College Student Relief Act (H. R. 5) this bill is designed to make college more affordable and accessible by reducing the interest rate on subsidized student loans for undergraduate students. Over the next five years, the rates will be half of what they currently are for a brief period of time (Stafford loan consolidation, www. studentloanconsolidator. com/stafford-loan-consolidation/HR5-bill. shtml, visited: 23/04/07) Drug, Alcohol consumption, antisocial behaviors are some of the Social issues affecting Students at the Colleges in the UK.

According to recent report commissioned for the launch of the independent UK drugs policy commission, says that education programs aimed at steering young people away from drug use appear to have had "very little impact" on experimentation with illicit substances. Questionnaire conducted by Blackwell Synergy found that 25. 6% of male students and 14. 5% of female students drinking more than their safe limits of 35 and 21 units per week respectivelyThere is no doubt that Technology has made a massive impact in Colleges in the UK.

In the case of Bradford College, The College in partnership with Tektra (One of the UK's largest IT training Organisation) has invested in a superb new IT Learning Centre. The Centre will support learners in a relaxed and comfortable environment A Centre Manager, a team of tutors and administrators will ensure that learners receive a quality learning experience whilst achieving nationally-recognised qualification in information technology applications.

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