Evaluate the External Corporate Communications of an Existing Product or Service

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Evaluate the external corporate communications of an existing product or service Types of external corporate communications Write down the meaning of each and give examples Related to CWOA * Advertising – Advertising is a way to inform in a way of notice or announcement to the public or businesses about promotions, services and products. Other can be information about upcoming events or a massive sale. Advertisement can be informed through TV, leaflets and Radio. CWOA inform their customers about new events taking place via Television advertisement as well as posters on public transport vehicles and on their websites.

Their recent service is the Zufari which is a bit like a safari but at the CWOA location. CWOA will inform families and their loyal customers about this new and exciting service that they will start providing over the Easter Holidays through TV advertisement, leaflets and their website. * Packaging – Packaging is a process to which business follow in order to protect their products from damages and ensure the product is safe and clean which stays fresh. Packaging sells a product more effectively for a business that it would without it.

Customers feel more confident when purchasing products because they know that the product is safe, clean, and best of all brand new. Packaging mostly is process by plastic but can be corrugated board as well as metal glass and paper. CWOA have their souvenir shops that have products all packaged with good aesthetics. They are packaged in clear plastic bags. For example their T-shirts will have the CWOA logo and will be in a clear plastic package for the customer to see and handle properly whilst the t-shirt also being protected from dirt. Logos – Logos are a form of identify to differentiate a business from its competitors. It helps consumers recognise all types of businesses and therefore competition rises as well. If one logo is better than another either because of the way its name is or the style, it makes a lot of difference to the sales and profits of a business. For example the Armani logo is very famous and therefore has expansive products. On the other hand, George a clothing line that sells at retails of Tesco is not as popular, however their products are very cheap but may not live up to its expectations of high quality.

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CWOA have a recognisable logo that is easy to read and understand globally. It is very attractive logo that has been designed for years that consumers instantly recognise the great quality experience at the attractions. * Methods – There are different types of methods to communicate with the outside or external of the business such as the public to inform of new products and sales and or publish sales figures on the internet which has to be met by law. There are methods to inform people of their new products to ensure they are attracted to it and its value by its price.

CWOA are currently launching their new service called Zufari which is a family adventure that looks at all the different kinds of animal in the same theme of a Safari. CWOA will use methods to attract their customers to its new service. On their website they would use large, bold and colourful colours to attract readers, pictures to engage their mind and theme styles that relate to animals. Pricing methods to attract them to purchase and book online which may be a cheaper alternative such as a family deal of 4 with 20% off before a certain date. Mission Statements –Mission statements are a summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual. It is a statement of their core purpose and focus that doesn’t change for a very long time. These statements can be found on any organisation website. The mission statement for CWOA can be found on their Merlin entertainment group website as well. ‘Its aim is to deliver unique, memorable and rewarding experiences to millions of visitors across its growing estate’. Mission statements underline the purpose of the business.

It gives them a direction and its customers as external commuters to see what the business’s aims is that relate to the customer. Missions statements shows customers how passionate a business is for thriving in success and in favour of the consumer with excellent services that is promised to be provided to each and every customer. However if CWOA don’t reach their goals then this can question CWIA’s abilities in proving the great customer experience they promised. This can affect their brand and its reputation. Livery –Livery is a way to distinguish colour and, style and theme to their customers from other companies. CWOA do this to many of their souvenir products so that customers are reminded of how much great fun they had from their experience at the attraction. This may ‘re-awake’ their senses and encourage them to go back to experience the same fun they had on their last visit. The livery on their products can be of their colour schemes or logo for example a teddy bear would have a logo on the shirt and a red and yellow colour background of the hirt to represent its home as CWOA. However a livery can be somewhat of a disadvantage to the business. CWOA may change their logo style, theme and or colour scheme as well as the whole logo design due to change in leadership, partnership and or takeover by another firm. This will mean that CWOA may have to change all their designs on their souvenirs as well as their products. High costs can result of this action. If logo and design is changed then customers may not be able to recognise the brand as well as they did with the first logo design.

Memories of great fun and experience may not be the same when looking at a different style logo. * Strap Lines, – Strap line is another way of saying a slogan that is a method to catch a reader’s attention and persuade them to buy their product or service. An example of a strap line used by CWOA for their new service called Zufari ‘Ride into Africa’. Slogans are a way of saying something is alike and the experience will be of a replica. The same goes to CWOA of their new service which will offer a similar real Safari experience. This kind of slogan attracts customers to visit the attraction.

Some strap lines may not be appropriate for come consumers so business need to be careful of the way they use the strap lines. A good strap line is Tesco’s ‘Every Little Helps’. This is because Tesco is a large firm with products at very cheap prices and also competitive. It is a way of saying every little saving helps make larger saving on other things. It also outlines Tesco’s objectives of cheaper products than their competitors. * Endorsements – An endorsement is an approval, from a third party or an important person, of a service or product is a way of support and or a recommendation of the business’s products and or services.

Endorsements work like an advertisement except it is less of a persuasion and more of a personal recommendation. If CWOA asked Jonathan Ross to endorse their attraction along with his family then that would make CWOA’s reputation high. Families would want to go to CWOA simply because a famous person has visited that attraction which to them can mean that the attraction is worth going to because of higher status of approval. Endorsements generally are an excellent method to increase sales fast. The endorser of CWOA, which could be Jonathan Ross, receives a fee or payment of endorsing the brand and material.

Endorsing a famous or well-known person like a celebrity is not cheap; many of them demand high fees. People will believe an outside person that they know, which they can relate to; about a business that they are not related to such as Jonathan Ross is a TV presenter of his own family show. * Sponsorship – Sponsorships are increasingly getting bigger and better. Organisations and events can run with the help of sponsorship. It is more of a promotional activity which is a form of corporate communication.

Sponsorships work like this; an organisation supports an activity, event or another organisation by giving them money and or other valuable recourses which may relate to them and in return they may want advertisement on space on their boards or area of event. And if it is another organisation than it generally requires advertisements space. An example of this is a football team such as Arsenal Football that has been sponsored by Fly Emirates which is an international airline service and has their logo on the Arsenal jersey and on around their stadiums.

CWOA are sponsored by many organisations such as EDF energy, Cornetto, MasterCard, Nintendo Wii and other smaller companies. In return CWOA puts their logos on their website, event leaflets and on their rides. Advertisements of Chessington World of Adventures Chessington World of Adventure has produced a TV advertisement of their Halloween special event taking place during the Half term. The event is called Halloween Hocus-pocus. The video is on the CWOA’s website and on TV 2 weeks before the actual event taking place. TV is a good way for advertisement because the message gets across to a wider audience.

TV advertisements are better effective because they are memorable, especially to children, because they use sound and colourful vision. This video was due for half term of October 2012. Presentation methods: Presentation methods to meet the needs of the customer - how the use of style and use of images, use of language are all targeted at specific customer groups TV is watched by many people at home and during the evenings when the family are all together at tea time, there are many family type advertisements that go on at that time of period.

TV is colourful with lots of sounds to engage the listener. CWOA have a dark Halloween theme that relates to their event. The dark theme uses darker colours, images of moons, witches, animals, people in costumes that look surreal, decorated hotel rooms and the theme park is set during the night. With many muted colours and flashing images along with multi images of animals and witches and monsters, it grabs a lot of the audience’s attention who are sitting in the comfort of their own home.

Images that are suitable for all audiences are the best to gain all target consumers. TV advertisement shows good quality images, as most families now have access to HD TVs that enable higher quality videos and images. The styles of texts they have used are very bold and gothic. The sound track has been adapted to a dark and scary theme with a few spooky laughter sound and tense tones. There are also animal sounds, such as bats and owls. Sounds like these engage the audiences well and interact with their hearing senses.

In the video are also a few animated clips that have been integrated with real life videos of the resort. These animated clips are of Halloween characters such as witches and monsters. The videos of the resort show some of their special Halloween plays and events along with new rides. Some animals are shown to show those audiences that know very little about COWA. The events show examples of Halloween parties, dress up, plays and characters in play whilst hosting families around their resort experience.

The advertisement is a good quality however I believe that the video could have been more informative rather than just showing clips of rides, animals and people in costumes. The vieo could have informed parents of ticket prices, were to look for further information details, special offers and the exact events and new features of this Halloween special and what makes it special than an ordinary day at CWOA. The clip does engage the younger audiences to carry on watching the clip and still be interested. picture/advertisement video source from: http://www. chessington. com/plan-your-trip/chessington-videos. aspx#content

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