The Rubric That Will Be Used To Evaluate The Finished Product

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Choose one of the following project menu options to work on with your team. Be prepared to provide your second and third choice of project. The rubric that will be used to grade the finished product is also Included to gulled you in completing your project. The project will be due in class on Monday, October 20 and pre-checked on October 17, Friday. Options 1 and 2 Create a 3-D model of a Eukaryotic Cell belonging too Plant (option 1) or Animal (option 2). Length and height are not shorter than 8. Depth is not shorter than . . Your model must include all of the basic parts of the cell you choose as well as all organelles. In addition, you must label or provide a key to all parts and organelles so that they are clearly identifiable. You also need to include a written explanation of what organelles are represented and why you chose the materials you did to make each organelle or cell part. Recommended materials include (but are not limited to) non-perishables such as Styrofoam, wood, cardboard, plastic, pasta, beans, etc.

Your finished product may be freestanding but stable. Critical thinking and creativity are required Options 3 and 4 Design and create a movie (option 3) or cartoon storyboard (option 4) that depicts the adventures of an explorer Inside a cell. Choose one of the two types of Eukaryotic Cells Plant or Animal. Your storyboard should be Illustrated using color and should be presented on pasteboard. In Dalton to illustrations, you need to Include detailed descriptions of what is going on in each picture.

You can be creative but remember that you must focus on how the cell parts and organelle function as your explorer experiences or interacts with them. Creativity and humor are encouraged Options 5 and 6 Design a travel brochure that describes a cell as though it were a large exhibit, attraction, an amusement park, cruise ship, or any other self-contained location with lots to do and lots of activities going on inside. Choose one of the two major types of Eukaryotic Cells Plant (option 5)or Animal (option 6).

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You must create an analogy for all of the parts and organelles found in the cell type that you choose, making sure that your analogies are relevant to the location. (Example If a cell Is Like an amusement park, then the nucleus might be the park headquarters, etc. ) In your brochure, you will draw, describe, and explain the functions of cell parts and organelles. You may use gained cutouts or pictures from the Internet as long as they are clear and accurate.

Make sure your brochure is eye catching and interesting, colorful but informative Humor and creativity are required. Options 7 Choreograph and perform an original song or dance that depicts all the organelles and functions of each organelle. It is strongly suggested that you stick a label to identify the organelle you are depicting in the song/dance. If you decide to make more than one scene/act, provide a way to communicate this to the audience. The dance should not be longer than 3 minutes and not shorter than 1. 5 minutes. Record this on video.

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