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Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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CSR or the corporate social responsibility is the social arm of a company. CSR is a company program that focuses on the welfare of the employees and the community involvement of the company. Personally, CSR is a good move for the company management because it extends its help not only to the company itself, not only to the employees but even to those societies outside the premises and jurisdiction of the company. Cultural Relativism and Ethical Imperialism. Countries are known to have various cultures and tradition. We normally respect the culture of other people.

This is cultural relativism; that we view other countries’ culture based on how they are accustomed to it and not by our own way. Imperialism means one country extending its power to another country, while ethical means in agreement to the standard of social behavior. Thus, ethical imperialism means the universalism or the acceptance of standard ethical behavior throughout the countries. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility in Canada. In Canada, Corporate Social Responsibility is already a part of the business process (Greenall 2008).

Companies in Canada are concerned about their image in the society. With CSR, these companies include in their business process the ways or the activities on how to keep a good image in the society. Conclusion. In planning for a CSR activity, the company has to consider the cultural practice in the place where they want to hold the CSR. Regarding ethical imperialism, Canada could take the lead in the strong promotion of CSR in all companies. This is a good way to extend Canada’s “power” in other countries.

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Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Not in the way that Canada will oppress these countries but will only encourage them to adapt CSR in their business program. Canada has started it!

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