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The changes and improvement of technology in the community is not unfamiliar to us. Every day there is an innovation of advanced technology to improve the performance of work and lifestyle of humanity. It is most beneficial for companies with large amounts of clients and employees using their services or products. One of these is a City hall that caters to service to their clients.

The proposed study aims to design and develop a web-based employee portal for the city hall of Paranaque which is a public sector of the government that deals with the city ordinance, city facilities, city government, and city projects this public sector helps the people by providing their needs such as jobs, health, education and peace and order of the city. Purpose and Description The chosen client for the proposed project is the Municipal of Paranaque which is located at San Antonio Ave, Paranaque City.

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It is an Establishment in 1888 that started operating because of the people who need services from the government. Also for the city ordinance, city facilities, city government, and city projects, this public sector helps the people by providing the needs such as jobs, health, education, peace and order of the city. Even though Paranaque City hall is a building housing of the administrative offices of a municipal government, its officials considered as a group.

Since the city hall was established, it still has manual processes of gathering information of every employee which consumes time instead of using it to more productive work. Based on the interviews conducted by the group with the City hall of Paranaque, the process of gathering and updating information of employees consumed more time due to the manual process of storing information. The estimated number of beneficiaries of the employee portal is about 5. 000 to 10,000. The Employee portal of Paranaque city hall was Web Based employee portal.

The system doesn’t only help the said city hall manage the records of each concerned personnel related to them but could also help them improve the quality of service they are currently giving for the employees. Anyone who has applied for viewing records knows the frustration of form-filling – and waiting as the hard copy travels up and down the approval hierarchy. This Employee portal with its powerful features cuts out physical movements and enables HR to have a bird’s eye view of the employment situation and status in the company.

The group has decided to choose this topic to help our client to save time in looking for their employee’s record. Maintaining the services provided by the employees of the city hall of Paranaque should come up with the used of modern technology via access through the internet that will give the people fulfillment when it comes in their satisfaction provided by the employee portal and when it comes to the services provided by the city hall of Paranaque for their employee.

Project context

Since the Paranaque city hall has a manual process and slow the entire organization down data being rearranged and kept by hand the time allotted of other task will be used in manipulating the data, particularly when making some changes and error is encountered the longer the time will consume the greater amount of effort will be lost during the process of looking the information that needed. With the information that the proponents have gathered upon doing research, studies and interviews with the client representative, the idea of automating the old process of the city hall have been discussed.

The proposed Web Based Employee Portal for the said city hall is greatly necessary to lessen heavy works in compiling large number of files of all the clients and other staff in the city hall. The system doesn’t only focus in dealing with the employees’ information alone but it also caters the management of other staffs that could be related in creating an employee account. Basically, even if the system is web based, only authorized personnel of the city hall will be allowed to access it, but this doesn’t limit its use to the employees and other individuals concerning the city hall’s transactions.

Objectives The general objective of this study is to develop an Employee Portal for Paranaque City Hall that will give them hassle free transaction. The reason for writing this report is to analyse the existing system of Municipal of Paranaque which is the Employee portal. The group’s objective is to be familiarized to the concepts and principles use to develop the system and does the system help to improve the quality service of each employee’s. The group wants to know the process on how the system works/function.

The group wants to learn the benefits of the system and also its disadvantage.

Specific Objectives

  1. To design an Employee Portal for Paranaque City Hall using GUI features.
  2. To provide user account for all system entity.
  3. To provide employee’s attendance with their available leave.
  4. To provide health reports of the employees such as health issues and previous health record.
  5. To provide the salary of the employees with/without overtime.
  6. To create a Login/Logout module for the Administrator and the employees.
  7. To gather records of the employees in fast and easy way.

Scope and limitation

The study will focus on the development of the employee’s portal of city hall of Paranaque this will include the employee’s information where they can view and update their information or background, health records to trace their health status, employee’s attendance to view the number of absences and employee’s status, salary for the month with or without the overtime pay, available leave for the whole annual year the employee must create their account to get access to the system to avail the system features.

Some features of the system are viewing the available leave, monitoring of tardiness or absences of the employee, viewing the salary for the month and checking up their health issue. The system will be accessible and available through the use of internet the coverage of the study is entire record keeping of the employee’s information however errors may encounter on the process of making accounts for every employee due to some of the employee may not be computer literate or don’t have internet access specially to the older employee in the city hall of Paranaque.

Review of related literature

This chapter discusses the main points of other written works and reports on research that were deemed as essential to this study due to their association to one another. Moreover, these related literature and studies were able to aid the researchers of this study to progress in developing the system with various existing systems.

Related literature

The proposed system concentrates on the development of an employee portal of the city hall of Paranaque. In the book entitled International Encyclopaedia of Business and Management, it was noted that different systems are used these days to manage and complete transaction necessary.

This goes beyond the very definition of electronic commerce that generally refers to the use of tools related to telecommunication. As more and more people are becoming used to the innovation of technology, there is a growing demand to secure use of the internet. According to the Internet System Handbook, the realms of the internet stretch to every continent, and the exact size of the cyber world can only be approximated. All the same, its growth is very dependent to the needs of the online community.

The Internet

The internet generally consists of various routes of connections which accommodate delivery of information. Even if the closest path or way is out, the travel of the information to it destination still pushes through provided that there are alternative routes. Users who have the connection may be affected by the bandwidth and the power of the server. The World Wide Web The World Wide Web consists of many web pages. Data is the core element of these web pages. This includes text data, interactive data, and the like, which are only available for the viewing of surfers.

Web programming works hand in hand with the essentials of the World Wide Web as this is the foundation of the practice of researchers. Using PHP Programming Language PHP is typically defined as a pre-processor due to the fact that the server calls the software installed in the server when opening the page. The installed PHP software is operated by means of interpreting the scripting and nothing else. Consequently, all other processes are ignored to give way to the execution of the PHP processes. Scripts written in PHP can be edited and uploaded in a convenient manner. Regular text tools such as Notepad can be used to write PHP scripting.

A file that will be executed as PHP scripting must have an extension name of “php”. Using MySQL There are three different ways by which MySQL database systems can be accessed. First is the local accessing which necessitates the programmer to utilize particular packages equipped towards tendering a complete and functioning system. The second way is through the use of the MySQL command line software that can be opened over the internet. The last means is through a running web interface. PhpMyAdmin As a set of PHP scripts, PHPMyAdmin works by providing access to MySQL database through installation and via web pages.

A number of facilities will then utilize to have this kind of application operate. These include modules for logging in, maintenance, query, and testing of database. Content Management System A content management system is a kind of system that generally organizes contents that can be placed in web pages. Likewise, it provides a collection of procedures that are used to supervise the workflow in a collaborative environment. By organization, it pertains to the addition, deletion, and editing or modification of contents published in web pages. There are different content management systems that can be found over the internet these days.

One of the most popular examples is the one used in weblogs or simply called blogs. Content management systems are typical for blogging platforms such as Blogger, Word Press, and Live Journal.

Foreign Literature

A web portal is a website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. Usually, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information (a portlet); often, the user can configure which ones to display. Apart from the standard search engines feature, web portals offer other services such as e-mail, news, stock prices, information, databases and entertainment.

Portals provide a way for enterprises to provide a consistent look and feel with access control and procedures for multiple applications and databases, which otherwise would have been different entities altogether. What is a portal? "Portal" has been the buzzword of the networked age since 1997. Portals were so popular in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) applications that the business world borrowed an old jingle: "I'm a portal, he's portal, she's portal, we're a portal, wouldn't you like to be a portal, too? " Portal derives from the medieval Latin word portale, meaning "city gate. American Heritage Dictionary defines a portal as "a doorway or an entrance, or a gate, especially one that is large and imposing. " New definitions for portals in the networked environment can be found on many Web sites. A synthesis of these new definitions is as follows: a Web portal is a doorway that can be customized by individual users to automatically filter information from the Web. It typically offers a search engine and links to useful pages, such as news, weather, travel, and stock quotes. A portal can also be defined as a customizable Web search engine to reflect the MY trend in current Web development.

The platform for a portal Web site is a search engine, but a portal is different from a general search engine in that it can be customized by individuals for automatic, constant search for specific information, and it can deliver the results to individuals in a predefined way. A customizable search engine is unique to the user; it is different from anyone else's.

In addition, the encyclopedia is also a portal on special topics such as Philippine Music, Native Cuisine, Traditional Filipino Games, and many more. The name WikiPilipinas is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a type of collaborative website) and Pilipinas, the Filipino term for the Philippines. The project was conceptualized in February 2007 by the editors of Filipiniana. net. Together, Filipiniana. net and WikiPilipinas. org aim to become the two primary portals to Philippine knowledge. WikiPilipinas is an ongoing project written collaboratively by volunteers around the world in an effort to build the largest Philippine knowledge base.

With few exceptions, the contents of WikiPilipinas can be edited at any time, by anyone with access to the Internet, but contributions should be guided by the policies and guidelines that WikiPilipinas editors have identified. WikiPilipinas is building the Philippine Websites portal to provide a comprehensive scope of knowledge on Philippine Websites. Our pool of editors is presenting this content outline as we build the best of what WikiPilipinas can offer for the Filipino people. The major topics divided into several categories provide the organizational framework for this Philippine Websites portal.

The outline and its contents will also showcase the collaborative efforts that we can start within WikiPilipinas. This content outline will undergo a thorough review process to ensure that it meets the highest standards that WikiPilipinas upholds.


We conduct a survey for our system implementation of the organization portal system and we came up with developing the system for the city hall of Paranaque due to a lack of a systematic process of employee background checking and checking of available leave, the total salary for the month, and health reports.

This section presents the requirements specification, analysis, project design which includes the context diagram, data flow diagram and the system flow chart, the software development tool and the software testing. Requirements Specification Conceptual framework is used to give the readers visualization and some understanding of how the proposed system works and will develop. With the aid of this diagram, readers would find it easy to understand the existing and the proposed software. It describes what the software will do and how it will be expected to perform. Fishbone Diagram Shows the requirements to develop an Employee Portal.

One requirement is that the design must be extensible, consistent, and have a good concept and standard techniques. The researchers must have the determination and dedication to finish a good project, effort, Cooperation, Time Management and must have knowledge in programming. Another is the client will help the researchers in developing the system by discussing the current system of the company by giving their business rules, Analysis and company information. And in order to finish the project, the researchers must have a good project management by having develop the schedule and estimate time and cost for activities.

The Materials needed of the system consist of a computer and a browser. The hardware component of the system consists of a computer and a Web server. These two components are needed together with the system applications to meet the required specifications. In order to maximize the performance of the system, it is recommended to at least exceed the minimum requirements.


Computer System:

  1. Monitor
  2. Mouse
  3. Keyboard
  4. CPU
  5. Database of the system

The Employee portal of Paranaque city hall was developed under the following specifications:

Operating System:

  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 7


  • Intel Pentium Memory: 2 GB
  • Video card: 1 GB

On the basis of foregoing concepts, findings and theories, here is an insight into the conceptual model shown below.

Analysis Operational Feasibility Since the process of gathering information about the employee we proposed this employee portal system for Paranaque city hall to lessen the cost of time or delay the pressures for the employee. They can check and update their information through the use of the internet and the website we provide to check their salary for the month with or without overtime pay, available leave, health issue, and attendance report.

Technical Feasibility

As our research go further we learn that the city hall of Paranaque have already developed their system, the difference between their system and our proposed system is that the website is dynamic and we include Database, CCS/JavaScript, PHP, HTML, My SQL and it is more accessible, available, reliable, user friendly and visible for every employee We create the system using the My SQL, CSS/ JavaScript for the inscription of the website for the city hall of Paranaque, PHP for developing the accessibility and availability of the website through the use of internet and Database for gathering and updating the information of each employee Schedule feasibility Economic feasibility Design In order to carry out the objectives of the study in regards to the development of the system. A system design is conceptualized with respect to the features and functionalities of the said system.

Context Diagram of Employee portal Development & Testing

The system can be developed for a variety of purposes, one is to meet specific needs of a specific client/business, and it includes sets of tasks and deliverables needed to develop the system. The proponents used the scrum wherein it follows the project from the concept made by the group, by creating product backlog, sprint backlog. Scrum The scrum model includes the following stages: product backlog, and sprint backlog. In which the product backlog is a prioritized list of what is required for the project while the sprint backlog is the list of tasks that committing that they will complete in the current sprint.

Product Backlog

Product Backlog is the core list of all functionality desired in the product to be done.

It includes functional requirements and non-functional requirements. It utilizes the simplest and the most effective way for prioritizing a simple list. The product actually makes decisions about feature priorities. Items with the highest priority are completed first. Items may be deleted or added at any time during the project. Sprint backlog The sprint backlog is a simple list of the tasks that must be executed by the team in order to turn a selected set of product backlog items into a deliverable increment of functionality.

Software Testing

The use of positive and negative testing of the system will have to go through different tests to determine the system's functionality and reliability. It is essential to test the system for the proponents not to miss any errors of the software.

Alpha testing

The Alpha testing is used for white box and black box testing techniques, the focus is on simulating real users by using these techniques and carrying out tasks and operations that a typical user might perform. Once these techniques have been satisfactory completed, the Alpha testing is considered to be completed. White box testing is a method of tests structures or working of an application with the knowledge of the internal working of the code base.

Control Structure Testing

The control structure testing has three types of techniques:

  1. Condition testing – test the logical conditions contained in a procedural specification.
  2. Looping Testing – is a method that focuses exclusively on the validity of iterative constructs or repetition.
  3. Data Flow Testing – method selects test paths of a program according to the locations of the definitions and uses of variables in the program.

Black box testing Black box testing is a software testing techniques in which functionality of the system is under tested without looking at the internal code structure. Beta Testing Beta testing can be considered a form of external user acceptance testing. The system is released to groups of people so that further testing can ensure the product has errors or bugs.

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