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E-Smart Marketing Plan

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E-smattered is not a common website to plan holidays. Here you will find all the tools and guides to create a perfect holiday based on the customer's necessities. Needless to said, there are hundreds of agencies that help people to find all these characteristics on a holiday. However, there is not an intelligent website that can find all the necessities visiting Just one website. People need to go trough Google with online accommodations, searching transport and researching about the place to find the best activities during that time.

Nowadays, people are too busy to have a detailed plan and sometimes they miss their best attractions or they took the wrong accommodation regarding personal expectations. For that reasons, is the idea to have this intelligent website E-Smattered. Apart from that the tourism rate of Australian residents traveling for short term has increased 5. 2% more then in October 2011. At the beginning the website would present a form to ask relevant information about your trip and personal preferences. It will include age, hobbies, travelers partner, budget and location.

Having all these information, the website will make the search n the web based on Artificial Intelligence (Data mining). And give a final presentation of an ideal personal holiday. Overview and Problem Definition. Generally speaking, people tent to expend the minimal time planning their leisure activities. It is because people have a workaholic behavior. As a result, they cannot plan their holidays with all their expectations. Apart from that, people needs to expend a big quantity of time on the internet looking in different websites to find all the necessaries characteristics of a holiday.

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Project Objectives and Benefits he minimal effort to goal it. The major benefit is make the perfect travel plasticization out of the house and all in Just one website. Product Definition The principal deliverables of the product are: A friendly design, where the costumer can identify the web page purpose. A website that can be visible in all browsers and mobile devices. A sign up Form, where De customer can choose their preferences and set their personal details. A travel function, where the customer can set all the details about their holidays.

Shows the holiday plan result and give the option to send it by email. Have an option to impasses, where they can offer their services and publicity. Strategic Fit This project has the final propose to delivery a service to the public, which is going in the same line of the company. The company has a primary line developing software to the public in order to simplify the day to day tasks of the customers. For that reason the strategic plan is going in the same direction as we are holding at the moment.

Risk Analysis and Action Plan One fail into the marketing plan could be the introduction of the product on the web market. In consequence, people cannot have the idea of the existence of this service. After people get know the service, the website need to promote their continue use. In order to do not vanish the product idea during the line time. Another important point, are the sponsors on the website. If there are not enough sponsors that want to publish their services in our website, it can be the total profits of the company.

MARKET ANALYSIS E-Smarter will use different ways to address the marketing strategy. The first effort will be around all the internet resources (e-mail, faceable, twitter). Apart from that, the company will rewards the loyal users giving them the best promotions. The market strategic with the companies will be a bit different. We will show them an statistic report about the number of customers that Join our service and how many of them have been reached their services through E-Smarter.

Multi-platform Market Definition and Segmentation It is important to implement a demographic segmentation basis of age and gender and family size. In this way the target can be defined easily to reach the company objectives. Market Dynamics and Trends At the moment there are different websites that provide holiday services as travel tickets, accommodations, activities. But there is not a website in the market that have all services in one website that provide an intelligent personal advice according to each person. Target Customers and Users User Description Our target users would be all people between 18 and 60 years old.

It is because there is an active group of people that can travel around and has at least a bank account or a credit card to make an online purchase. Customer Description Into the customers definitions we have a range of companies that can be interested on publish their services in our website. They will be the responsible of the main refit to the company and can give reliability to the users. Key User (Product) Requirements A suitable holidays plan according to their details already fill it on the E-smarter website. Obtain good bargains on flight tickets, accommodations and activities.

Have a reliable information of the companies that provide the services. Intelligent search on the best activities to do in the holiday area. Key Customer (Buying) Requirements: Have a valid domain with the company's name registered. Provide a fast service in all the searches and the website interaction. Obtained prices ND availabilities in real time. Product Description Overview of Product An innovate website that will provide a customize intelligent search on all the important points that involve going on Holidays Just in one website.

Key Features with Requirement Mapping Have an according Server to host the website to provide a fast service. Register people on the website and save their personal details. Search in real time information regarding to transport, accommodation and activities. The user can select the best option showed to them and go directly to their websites to book the service. Saved the options selected and make a tour plan to send it to the user, and give the option to plan it day by day.

Product Positioning Product Positioning Statement E-Smarter will promote itself as an unique website that provide personal intelligence search for planning holidays, and it will be at any cost for the users. However, the companies will be charged for every book that the user make on their services and it will have an extra cost if they want to positioning their service in the top 5 list. The correct position will be based on the product class and attributes, because as we issued above this product will be unique in the market.

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