Smart Devices and System in Our Homes

Last Updated: 20 May 2021
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The problems that we can discus in this part is about the introduction of smart devices and system in our homes, the risk and threats linked to them, and respectively to the smart home inhabitants will grow. So, the digital world as we know it now has gradually developed standards, protocols, interface, operating systems, programming models and architectures during the last 50 decades, making both computing and networking a type of plug-and- play environment.

Nowadays the smart homes and its services, from a highly heterogeneous environment, which presents a significant challenge for future users and manufacturers. So, healthcare services contain unknown so far danger for human's life. The scenario of a villain causing a heart attack by remote intervention in a pacemaker or shutting down an insulin pump on a diabetic is not in the realm of movies but occur due to real sensitive that exist in connected medical devices. Furthermore, these are rather worrying facts, bearing in mind that between 1993 and 2009, 2.9 million patients received permanent pacemakers in the united states with this this number constantly increasing.

The cyber threats are any identified effort directed toward access to, exfiltration of, manipulation of, or impairment to the integrity, confidentiality, security, or availability of data, an application, or a federal system, without lawful authority.In our everyday life, a threat to our home can be an open window or unlocked door, an iron or cooker that are not turned off or water running from an open tap. In future smart homes, in addition to the threats related to the household appliance, there can emerge dangers directed to the health or life of the inhabitants. The consequences of cyber-attacks can lead to serious problems like access sensitives information, espionage, data theft, financial losses.

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The nature, complexity, and severity of the cyber threats are increasing in time, which makes it difficult to build a good classification framework. Potential consequences of cyber-attacks can be:

  1. Rejection of service DOS targeting the sensors, video surveillance or communication system.
  2. Data integrity violation or data modification in communication media.
  3. System breaking with unauthorized access to network resources or system integration resources.

The good transact with the attack, it is:

  • To have an operating intrusion detection system.
  • To have an attack prevention system.
  • To maintain reliable identification, authentication and access control.
  • To support leakage monitoring information.
  • To employ reliable and effective communication protocol.
  • To operate secure integrating system and external communication system.

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