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Another ad of Durex U that has been controversial is their recent ad which can be viewed on their website. It is not directly offensive but, it is very controversial. In the website, there would be an initial page asking if the page visitor is above 18. In that way, the Durex U can be sure that the audience is matured for the contents of their product. The problem is, anyone can lie regarding their age. A young child can click on the answer stating he is 18 and above even if he is not. The website doesn’t really know who are looking through the ad and who are not.

That means that the issue regarding appropriate audiences is not resolved in this ad. Next issue is that, the ad incorporated a promo where one can win different gadgets, gift cards, trip to New York and scholarship. One university has given their reaction regarding the ad. According to that university, the ad was not good. It doesn’t promote healthy sex among college students. It only promotes sex with guarantee of no conception afterwards. It may actually be harmful for the students as the ad had been thought-provoking. The said university has reacted about the scholarship promo.

The Durex ad says, “Major in Sex and Score $25,000. ” According to that university, they wouldn’t want to educate their students in that way. The ad has only promoted irresponsible activities for the college students. The ad contains illustrations of couples having sex in different locations like in the car, inside the dormitory and in the football field. It is really targeted for students. Many have given their criticism on it and find it not good. I also do not agree with the way the product was advertised. It is not difficult to sell condoms.

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Younger people have been very open regarding sex due to their exposure. It is not difficult to sell condoms but it is difficult to advertise it. There are several condoms in the market coming from different manufacturers. It is very difficult to promote your product because the activity in which the product is used is already controversial in itself. The topic sex, itself, can catch much attention and receives many dissenting opinions. There are many norms regarding sex and promoting sex by selling condoms is like getting yourself killed with bullets in the form criticisms.

I think it is not appropriate to promote the use of condom the way Durex U did because in their ad, they’ve promoted irresponsible and unhealthy sex—having two partners at a time. If I am the marketer, I would try to advertise it by promoting its use on safe sex (avoiding infections) and as a contraceptive, with emphasis. If there would be some promo, I wouldn’t incline it with things like giving scholarships to students if they use condoms because it is like telling students to have sex to win a scholarship.


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