Do Males And Females Have Different Abilities When Estimating Size Persuasive Essay

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This science research the different abilities in reckon sizes between males and females. And the research was taken from an experiment with 20 Chinese teenagers between 15 and 18. The hypothesis was males’ abilities when estimating sizes is better than females


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As we all know, males and females are different in many abilities, and this research for testing difference between males and females estimating size.

And this ability also is affected by the cultivation from the child, their brain have different talent. The hypothesis was those males’ abilities when estimating size is better than females’ abilities.

Research Methodology

In this experiment, there had 10 males’ and 10 females’ age from 15 to 17 as experiment objects. Firstly, a textbook (width: 20. 7cm), a MP3 (length: 8cm) and an ID card (width: 5. 4cm) were measured by a ruler. In each subject, everyone stood one meter away from me, and then they could observe each one for 10 seconds.

After that, they should tell me their estimation. Finally, the data was collected into the table to comparison and prove the assumption.

Research Results

The results were inconsistent with my previous hypothesis; females can estimate stuff more accurate than males.

As we can see clearly from the mean about textbook, males was 20. 24cm and females was 18. 4cm, which shows males had 0. 46cm of the deviation and females had 2. 3cm of the deviation. And from the result of MP3 and ID card, the males were 7. 11cm and 4. 61cm, however, females were 7. 5cm and 5cm, these describe females’ measuring results were more accurate.


Compare the results and the hypothesis, the results show females’ ability in estimating sizes is better than males’ captivity. So this result is not the same as the hypothesis we put forward. We can see from these two tables below, when males and females estimate the bigger size (textbook), the accuracy of males guessing sizes is more accurate than females, and the mean of males’ result is 20. 24cm, the error just is 0. 46cm,

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