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Formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991, Dave Matthews Band, or DMB, is an enormously successful rock, jazz and jam band that has had various tours around the United States and around the world. Originally from South Africa, Dave Matthews was working as a bartender in downtown Charlottesville when approached about forming a band, for he was already known as a good songwriter. This set the wheels in motion for Dave to meet other future members of DMB.

DMB’s drummer, Carter Beauford, grew up in Charlottesville and agreed to join upon Matthews’ project. At about the same time as Beauford, Matthews recruited prominent Charlottesville saxophonist Leroi Moore, who also agreed to join. Moore, due from complications suffered in an ATV accident, died in 2008. DMB’s latest album, “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King”, is dedicated to Moore’s memory. With a drummer and saxophonist secured, Matthews approached bassist Stefan Lessard, who also grew up in Charlottesville.

Lessard, who was enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University, eventually dropped out due to becoming so involved in the band. Boyd Tinsley, DMB’s violinist, was studying at the University of Virginia when asked by Matthews to join the collaboration. With the band now fully formed, Dave Matthews Band started playing local joints and bars and eventually released their first studio album “Under the Table and Dreaming” in 1994. With 5 albums released between their first and their latest, DMB has shown immense longevity in the music scene.

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DMB is also heavily involved in philanthropy, always supporting local Charlottesville charities and Habitat for Humanity across the country. With Leroi Moore’s unfortunate passing in 2008, Jeff Coffin became the band’s new saxophonist but has not yet been named an official member. DMB has released more than 15 live albums, which often include improvisation on some of their most recognizable songs and lyrics. The band has won one Grammy Award, and has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide.

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