Customer care and warranties

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Cosmetic products are not placed under warranty conditions as soon as they are purchased by the customer. Brazil adopted the Consumer Protection Law in 1992. All companies must guarantee quality after-sale servicing for all products (6, p. 17). To make the product more competitive, and to improve the overall customer care in Brazilian cosmetic market, we will offer a 7-day product trial for its new customers. Thus, we will be able to evaluate the product, its popularity, customer preferences and complaints. Label and packaging Brazilian regulations require translating labels into Portuguese.

The label should contain product information in English and Portuguese. When the product enters Brazilian market, its promotion strategies should comply with the Customer Protection Code adopted in 1990 (6, p. 67). Cosmetic products require special conditions of transportation, to retain their highest quality, and to promote their external appeal to consumers. Mario Badescu products will have to be adopted for Brazilian market, to combine the high-quality after-sale customer service and high quality appealing packaging with appropriate labeling.

Promotion Aligning brand with customer associations Brazilian market is completely new and untested for the future Mario Badescu products. This is the main aspect of our promotional campaign. This is why building brand awareness and creating strong brand associations is critical for our success. When we build brand awareness among Brazilian consumers, we must take into account the three important aspects. First, we will need to deliver the product message to potential consumers.

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In order to fulfill this task, we will use the major informational channels (television, outdoor advertising, e-commerce instruments), to link the visual elements with brand perceptions. Mario Badescu brand logo does not require Portuguese translation, it is easy to remember, and does not need to be adapted to Brazilian market. Second, we will need to target our consumers emotionally. We will need to carefully choose the coloring, the setting, and the lexical meaning of visual advertising.

Using celebrities in TV promotional campaigns will make TV advertising more appealing to the customer. Third, we will need to motivate the buyer. In order to increase consumer motivation, we will offer a system of discounts and a 7-day product trial for those who purchase Mario Badescu products for the first time. We need to ensure that Mario Badescu product is strongly associated with the high quality of cosmetic products, and high quality customer service before and after sale.

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