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The organization

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Indali lounge means welcome to our guest as a is a fine dine restaurant which is situated in 50 Baker Street, Marylebone. This restaurant has been open since 2years ago (2009). Indali lounge restaurant offers an Emotions and unique approach to traditional Indian has also been named number one in the top healthiest restaurant in UK and also got few comment by channel 4 because this healthy Indian cuisine which is low in oil while containing no butter, ghee or cream and instead the restaurant use fresh herbs and spices for a full flavour

Type of customer

  • Business man
  • Tourists
  • Events wedding group

Business man

  1. Conference facilities (private room)
  2. Wi-Fi internet access

In our restaurant it has various initiatives to attract business customer. There is only one small conference hall size range which can accommodate less than 30 guest conference hall business got all kind of contemporary appliances including Lcd projector ,mike, flat television etc. The conference hall is made sound proof to avoid distraction for the other guests who are in restaurant.

Internet access are free Wi-Fi is an attraction for business man guest in between restaurant manager provide all kind of facilities like food’s drinking’s. However in case any failure to access connectivity, printing error etc. Our restaurant also gives special offer or 20% discount on food and drinks to the business man guests. (Condition) if they are more than 10 peoples.


  1. Family’s
  2. Disable and baby sitting
  3. Accessory for children’s

This restaurant is good for tourist because it situated in Baker Street near central London so it’s easy to visit. This restaurant provides breakfast and lunch buffet which is cheaper than other restaurants. Somehow they provide starters, 5 variety meals include veg and non-veg with desserts just for 9 pounds. They can give 50% discount on food if customer have taste case customer doesn’t like any food or bad taste food in that case company give them complementary food, desserts, tea coffee or discount to make customer happy. Another offer is web reservation for all Sunday evening dinner reservation made though the website there is special 50% discount. This is based on A LA Carte menu and on a minimum of 2 main courses. No other offer can be used in conjunction.

Extra table and baby-sitting is very valuable for tour ester. Restaurant also look after every kind of guest so they provide extra sofa baby-sitting free charge and give 1 waiter to look after hole time. The policy of restaurant for disable people’s waiter serves all food on the plate. And the restaurant also provides special sitting area which is very convenient for children and disables.

Free accessory’s for children less under 10 year. This restaurant provide extra things for children to have fun like colour, drawing paper, pencils and games well as they give discount to children’s they doesn’t charge on child meal. That’s why customer attracts to this restaurant. They glade to see them happy

Events wedding groups

  1. Wedding package
  2. Size of hall
  3. Discount’s (special menu)

The size of hall is plus point in our has more than 120 people Sitting facilities with separate dance floor and dinner buffet the table and chair are .Placed like round table, rectangular arrangement, extra space for standing peoples Etc. it has also clock room in which guest are put our lounge, clothes’ and other Extra items

There is special wedding package which is made by our manager and director at Restaurant the guests will get good service. Our police is that every member of Staff has some designed and decorate hall restaurant with flowers, buckets and Other extra decorate stuff with free of cost. And there is team of professionals like Respect ion’st probably 2 our 3 to look after guests. Number of waiter’s who will

Work in different sections and they serve food on the table for disable people. The restaurant gives discount on the special occasion our big event’s and marriage Like free welcome drinks after that buffet should be set according to special set Menu includes everything pre-starter to dessert our after dessert the restaurant Give complementary tea and coffee to all guests on the table. This is what my An organisation does with all the customers and every kind of guest. That’s why This restaurant is good comparative in market.

Internal customer care policy

  • Staff hygiene
  • Indali staff discount

According to Indalilounge : As a part of indali food hygiene policy, all staff Entering kitchen are prohibited from carrying any electronic gadgets such as Mobile phone into the kitchen at all time. Such personal belongings can be kept in Staff lockers Smoking is not allow to any staff member during working hour Because of direct contact with food all indali staffs is expected to work in Extremely hygiene conditions and follows a set dress code.

Indali staff can have 40% discount on the full bill (Monday, Tuesday) and 30% on Saturday. Friends and family of staff can get discount up to 20% on (Monday, Tuesday at indali even when not accompanied by the staff member Wednesdays And Sunday only) and there is no discount on Thursday, Friday and family and Friends of staff can get discount up to 20% on Monday and Tuesday and indali even When not accompanied by staff member.

The important of establishing effective customer care

Customer care in hospitality is one of the most important roles in every organisation Even customer service is one of the most challenging and neglected area of management Getting good customer has to very important and more important to keeping existing it Our customer is like an advertisement for organisation if they good satisfied by you. According to David clutter buck and Susan Kernaghan standard play a most Important role in organisation Standard are best set in collaboration with or by the People who have to work to them they also said that environment create Standard Whether for internal or external customers’ needs it’s involve member of work group And representative of the customer there are few important activity or output to ensure that the standards set against it.

However people also prefer to organisation by the recommendation of other people like family’s and friend’s etc Sometime customer also attract by the Policies of organisation it’s really important like if the organisation and procedures are written in a way as to restrict the faith of the customer in the products or service of the company then it may affect their confidence and willingness to give business. On the other hand if the policies are profitable and unbiased in order or in equitable manner then the customer will have more confidence to those organisation.

Service standard and way you treated is also attract customer they give more attention how you pretend them. If they going to appreciate the organisation about their hospitality and you facilities that’s means they will come back again and again. As well as customer satisfaction should be number one goal in any organisation it is easy to top management to assume that improvement in customer satisfaction scored demonstrate that organisation has become more customer oriented.

Personal contact also pays an important role in any organisation it’s a kind of customer oriented strategy at the time of dealing customer try to find out customer needs and their demand try to talk your customer as much you can asked them about organisation like any feedback, what is the best thing do you like or not, any suggestion. Then according to their suggestion work on it

Susan ward says that there are 8 rules for good customer service and it’s really work on organisation polices.

  1. Answer your phones
  2. Don’t make promises unless you will keep
  3. Listen to your customer
  4.  Deal with complaints
  5. Be helpful even if there’s no immediate profit in it
  6. Train your staff to be always helpful courteous and knowledgeable
  7. Take the extra step
  8.  Throw in something extra.

Evaluate the effectiveness of their customer care policies

Customer care evaluation policy sets out an ambitious recommitment to learn as we doupdating our standards and practices to find out contemporary needs. It’s only customer who can evaluate your product. Once they evaluate customer care give the chance to improve the level and achieve better result. Evaluation policy should be developed to taking idea from different organisation or the development processional who apply their best thinking to solve some problem know we can learn more systematically from our work. We can also promoting the employees or performance evaluations this can also be good effect on the organisation. There is another method of evaluating the customer care policies is by customer feedback. The customer feedback plays an important role to evaluating customer care. It can be done in various ways like comment book getting it filled by the customer is one of the ways. Second is online customer would be comment online to visited official side and comment on that , so that organisation should also be considered as a valuable comment on the system then we can make continuous improvements. We can do this only with evidence and data to inform our decisions and with unprecedented transparency about what we have learned and where……


  1. Concerned with my manager Date: 27-3-2011 at indalilounge
  2. (date visited 25-3-2011)
  3. Important of establishing effective customer care date: 30-3-2011
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of their customer care policies date: 2-4-2011
  6. David clutter buck and Susan kernaghan (marketing customers count)

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