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A Personal Reflection on Current College Education

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College is going great for me I am very proud of myself. My guidance counselor in high school told me that I should go to a two-year college because she felt as if it would be hard for me to succeed at a four-year college but I am glad to have proven her wrong throughout these first several weeks. I have picked up study habits quickly, that is simply by learning your learning style, and I will continue to keep my study habit for the rest of the semester. My sleep habits are also big part of my success I have learned how to study, do all my schoolwork, go to class, while also getting enough sleep to function properly.

My social skills are great I have join numerous clubs and I enjoy talking to my fellow bears around campus. One thing I can say that truly helps a college student is time management and that is something I think I will use for the rest of my years here at the University of Pikeville and even after. The only thing I think I might change next semester is roommates but other than that, everything is great. At the end of this semester I want to look back and be able to say that I passed every class and not just passed but A's and B's.

If you want to be successful as a student, you should at least know your own learning style without it you do not really know how to study. I learned that I am an auditory learner and for the longest time I thought, I was visual. I learn by listening, writing is not my strength so it is easier for me to listen to what a person says and remember it than to write it down and not understand what I wrote. When I study I usually speak out loud so sometimes I will go to the library and get a private study room and talk out loud just to hear myself saying the material and then on a test, quiz or even if the teacher is asking a question, I will hear my voice in my head with the correct answer. Learning my study habits have made this semester a whole lot easier for me to succeed.

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I can sleep well a night because I have good time management skills. At the beginning of the year the ACE program help me set up a time management sheet where I could manage my time but, we later found out that I didn't need one because I just needed to know what I need to do with my time. I make sure I have time to do everything that I need to during the day so classes, meetings, free time, meals, and even naps. I also don't overwhelm myself with stress because it only makes things worst you must remember there are only 24 hours in a day so if you do not finish what you have to do today her is always tomorrow.

For example if you have a homework for one class that is due tomorrow and another class that is due next week don't take all the time working on the class assignment that is due next week and then rush the assignment tomorrow. You should take the time to do your assignments that are coming up and then with the extra time, work on other assignments. As stated before sleep is not an issue for me on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have a class at nine in the morning so I go to sleep a little earlier on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday so I know that I don't have as much time at night to do what I want. On Tuesday and Thursday, my first class is not until noon so I can work later on Monday and Wednesday nights. If you manage your time, you are bound for success.

My social life has always been an important part of my life. I have joined multiple clubs and even student government. I even am president of the Black Student Union. When you become social on campus it makes life so much easier for you, you feel so much in tuned with everyone and everything that goes on, on campus. Being social will make you feel at home when I thought about coming to eastern Kentucky I just felt like I would be in the middle of nowhere but because I meet people and made friendships I feel like there is something here and it is the people I have meet and of course the University of Pikeville. Without a social life, you could become lonely and loneliness could lead to depression, which could lead to a drop in your grades, and even suicidal thoughts. Having a social life is important to have during your time in college you will make some of your lifelong friends here.

My roommate is my total opposite, I don't know how we got paired together because I know I was honest on my survey. My roommate is very antisocial so he sits in the room all day and plays on his video game will I am always out doing things. That makes it hard for us to have conversation I love to talk but he is always on his game playing with his friends from back home. Referring back to the last paragraph he does not have a very good social life here on campus so he is always going home and at one point he went home for two weeks and missed classes, he is even home right now, without a social life it makes you extremely homesick. I met another person whose roommate is transferring next semester and I will be moving in with him because we are a better match then my current roommate. Therefore, I think with a better roommate I will be happier here at UPIKE.

If you follow those steps, I believe you will have a successful semester. By learning your learning style, you will have better study habits and you will love to learn because you are learning your way and therefore you will pass. Do not forget to manage your time it will seriously help tremendously your will have so much stress relief. Not only that, but also you will be able to get a betters night rest. Moreover, talk to people we are not here to just go to class go but also have fun sometimes. Also, do not be like my roommate talk to people and stay out your dorm and off your game I guarantee that you will find a group of friends for you. After all if I continue those steps throughout this semester I believe I will achieve A's and B's.

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