Creating And Managing Effective Teams Essay

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After reading the candidates’ present positions in the company, their work experiences, and their personal histories, my five picks for the cross-functional team and their roles were: Harvey for the role of Assessor + Advisor; Amrita for the role of Creator; John as Controller + Organizer; Marcell as the team’s Linker + Producer; and Janice to function as Promoter + Maintainer. Sarah Fisher, the Director of the Design Center, did not agree with me one hundred percent (only four of my picks coincided with her choices) but gave me the signal to proceed.

Sarah’s personal choices were Amrita, John, Marcell, Janice, and Petra instead of Harvey (Creating and Managing Effective Teams, n. d. ). Sarah and I agreed on two candidates: Amrita (Creator) and Janice (Promoter + Maintainer). We both decided that Amrita’s talent in design made her the best choice for the role of Creator. She was a well-known designer in Asia and Europe before joining Luxurion. In fact, she had been at the head of teams which produced best-selling designs in Europe and Asia.

She was simply the best candidate for the position. Janice merited the role of Promoter + Maintainer because of her background. She has a 12-year experience as an executive in the field of public relations (Mercedes-Benz and Luxurion) and is the liaison for Washington, D. C. of the local chapter of a political action committee – a position which I believe would be of much help to the task force (Creating and Managing Effective Teams, n. d. ). While Sarah also chose John and Marcell for the team, she had other roles in mind for the two.

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I picked John to be the team’s Controller + Organizer but Sarah wanted him for the role of Assessor + Advisor. In the case of Marcell, Sarah would have wanted him to be the Controller + Organizer vice John, but I assigned him to the role of Linker + Producer instead. Harvey, whom I assigned as the team’s Assessor + Adviser was not in Sarah’s choices. Instead, she wanted Petra to fill Harvey’s shoes. However, I decided to give the role of Assessor + Advisor to Harvey because of his 15-year experience in designing cars, as well as in manufacturing, sales, and production.

His description as a jack of all trades likewise caught my attention, making him, in my opinion, an ideal candidate for the role of Assessor + Advisor (Creating and Managing Effective Teams, n. d. ). Meanwhile, I opted for John as Controller + Organizer because aside from a 15-year experience in managing automotive development and manufacturing, he was also described as somewhat set in his ways – qualifications which I considered ideal for the role. Finally, I decided on Marcell for the role of Linker + Producer because of his 5-year experience as a project manager for Ford’s Jaguar Finance Department.

His current work with the finance department of Luxurion Auto also helped in earning the role for him (Creating and Managing Effective Teams, n. d. ). I never believed that managing the team would be easy. However, I took solace in the fact that their individual talents, skills, and characteristics could be brought together to accomplish the team objective. I purposefully put together as varied a team as possible because I was convinced that their diverse characteristics, talents, and skills could be made to positively interact with one another with proper handling to produce the collaborative effort necessary to accomplish the assigned task.

I took comfort in the knowledge that “A work team generates positive synergy through coordinated effort. Their individual efforts results in a level of performance that is greater than the sum of those individual inputs” (Robbins, 2005). Because of this, I was enthusiastic and was not at all affected by the fact that my choices did not match Sarah’s preferences all the way.

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