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Crime Prevention for your initial post. Activity: Crime Prevention. Medical Focus - Brain Dysfunction Activity: Crime Prevention. Crime Prevention - Social Capital & Human Capital Critical Thinking: Create a Crime Prevention Program (Reduce Poverty). Critical Thinking: Re- entry Programs Is crime caused by brain malfunction? Most efforts to fight crime focuses on sociological approaches like counseling, and rehabilitation.

It also includes better parenting and education to prevent at risk children from becoming delinquents and Iranians. These are good approaches but fail to acknowledge one thing. Most criminals suffer from brain dysfunction. Research has shown this dysfunction is the leading cause of dyslexic, which is lack of insight and foresight. They also show a lack of empathy, low anger threshold, poor social skills, and lack of remorse. They show no fear and do not realize consequences to their actions (CT, 2008).

Some of this can be attributed to their genes. Geneticists claim that human behavior is the result of gene-environment interaction, meaning that behavior results from both genetic and environmental influences, so to change certain behaviors, you should start with changing the environment (Robinson, 2013). The brain also controls behavior. Some defense lawyers try to use it to defend their client. Can morality be pinpointed to the brain? It seems that the frontal lobe plays a huge role in the decision making process and a key to the moral action.

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This is evident that morality is localized in the brain, in the Phonies Gage case of 1848. He was a railroad foreman who was very passive, and quiet, never had an issue. There was a blasting accident, an explosion drove a naming iron through his brain. It severed the connections between the left frontal lobe and the lower lying structures that regulate aggression and other emotions. After the accident, friends of Gage stated he was no longer himself. It had changed his personality. He is fitful, irreverent, indulging at times in the grossest profanity (which was not previously his custom), manifesting, but little deference for his fellows, impatient of restraint or advice when it conflicts with his desires.... A child in his intellectual capacity and manifestations" (BMW, 1998). Anyone who suffers from a generative brain condition are subject to uncontrollable violent actions. However, most violent crimes are done under the influence of a stimulus. Drugs and alcohol impairs a person's ability to censor out antisocial acts.

Excluding drugs and alcohol, habitual criminals are antisocial due to genetics. When you speak of morality, it is attributed to the brain. It is learned, yet at the same time can be damaged (Zigzagging, 2005). References: Crime Times (2008). Linking brain dysfunction to disordered criminal psychopathic behavior. Crime Times. Retrieved 09 August 2013 from http://www. Remedies. Org/. Robinson, M. (2013). Crime Prevention. San Diego, CA: Bridgeport Education, Inc British Medical Journal (1998) "No Longer Gage": an iron bar through the head. Early Observations Of Personality Change After injury to the frontal cortex.

National Center for Biotechnology Information, U. S. National Library of Medicine Bethesda MD Retrieved on 10 August 2013 from http://www. Incubi. Ml. NIH. Gob/Mac/articles/ MIMIC 114479/ Zigzagging, M. (2005). The ethical brain. New York: Dana Press. Retrieved on 10-August-2013 from http://www. Psychologically. Com/blob/the-human- east/200912/crime-brain-disorder Discussion 2 According to Robinson, when we compare America to countries around the world, America does not have a high rate of crime, but has one of the highest rates of lethal violence (2012).

Discuss three factors that are contributing to lethal violence. Culture: Different immigrant populations have migrated to the United States from various world regions at different times in American history. They have varying cultural backgrounds. Despite these differences, there have often been certain commonalities in the immigrant experience, that could lead to disproportionate bevels of crime, particularly violent crime. These include low-paying undesirable Jobs, and often strained or difficult relations between immigrants and law enforcement authorities.

These have contributed to disproportionately high levels of violent crime in some immigrant communities. (Cottrell, 1998). Availability of weapons: A risk of lethal violence has also been associated with the batterer's possession of or access to weapons, the use of weapons or threats of such use in prior incidents, and escalation of the violence in frequency or severity. Use of drugs and alcohol: Alcohol ay reduce inhibitions to use lethal violence or prevents batterer from adequately understanding the lethal nature of the force he is using (MAR, 2003).

Using the Problem Analysis Triangle (introduced in Week Two), discuss three potential initiatives to counter gun violence. One of the first initiatives to counter gun violence is the selling of guns. The federal Gun Control Act of 1968 stipulates that individuals "engaged in the business" of selling firearms must possess a Federal Firearms License (FL). Holders of Falls are required to conduct background checks ND maintain a record of all their firearm sales. Certain gun sales and transfers between private individuals, however, are exempt from this requirement.

This unregulated secondary market includes private sales, classified ads, flea markets, internet sales and gun shows. Approximately 40 percent of all gun transfers currently fall into these categories. These private sales are what contribute to illegal gun trafficking because they do not conduct a background check. Another initiative is that the state and local government should mandate recorded ballistic fingerprint for very gun sold. Whenever a gun is fired, it leaves a ballistic fingerprint that investigators can use to prove a certain gun was used.

They then can determine whom that particular gun was sold to. Lastly, the CDC should work with law enforcement to standardize investigations into all violent deaths with guns. That includes suicides. This helps improve the quality and comprehensiveness of the NEVER data, because law enforcement supplies data into the system (CAP, 2007). What are examples of initiatives outside the criminal Justice system (I. E. , law enforcement, courts, and corrections) that can impact crime and criminal issues? Getting the community involved.

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