Consumer Behaviour And Its Peculiarities Essay

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Consumer Behaviour and Its Peculiarities

Consumption behaviour is intention and actions of buyers in the rialto of outgrowths, which ultimately lead to a decision to buy a product, to refuse an acquisition, or to postpone it. It should have a certain incentive, without which the buyer leaves the rialto zone and falls into the sphere of non-commodity consumption (gift, criminal ways of receiving benefits). The consumer behavior essay changes significantly depending on what kind of outgrowths he buys. The more difficult it is to make an acquisition decision, the more participants are required and the more cautiously the consumer behaves.

Consumer behavior and marketing strategy

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Consumer Behaviour Stages

There are four types of buying behavior. It is necessary to study consumer behaviour since the most profitable marketing strategy can be chosen on its basis.

  • Complex purchasing behavior. It is observed in a situation where a high degree of consumer partaking is accompanied by significant residuals amid different badges of outgrowths. Usually, this happens when the offspring is expensive, and its acquisition is associated with a risk. For example, when buying a computer, consumers tend to get as much information as possible about the characteristics of outgrowths in this category. A high degree of partaking is manifested in the fact that the buyer needs to form his own opinion. Only after that, he can make the final choice. Marketers dealing with outgrowths requiring a high degree of customer partaking should understand the consumer psychology collecting information and formulating estimates. The marketer should tell consumers about the properties of the offspring and about the residuals amid badges. It is necessary to differentiate the properties of each badge, explain what advantages the consumer will receive if he uses the services of this particular company.
  • Uncertain buying behavior is observed in situations with a high level of partaking, when the outgrowths are expensive, the acquisition is risky and the difference amid the outgrowths of different badges is small. This situation can be observed when buying things that serve as a means of self-expression. These acquisitions are characterized by a high degree of partaking. Since the characteristics of the outgrowths are almost identical, the buyer will make the final decision quickly, although he will spend a considerable amount of time searching. When making a decision, the buyer relies on his own subjective opinion. He can prefer one offspring to another because of a slightly lower price or because a certain offspring will seem to him more beautiful. Due to the fact that there are no obvious residuals amid the outgrowths of a certain category, the buyer may have a feeling of dissatisfaction with the acquisition if he sees any shortcomings in the purchased offspring or hears positive responses about the offspring of the badge he could buy. How to prevent this situation? The marketer must provide information after the acquisition to confirm the correctness of the choice.
  • Search buying behavior is manifested in a situation where a low degree of partaking is accompanied by tangible residuals amid different badges of outgrowths. In this case, consumers tend to change badges easily and often. This is not due to customer dissatisfaction, but because the rialto has a large selection of offsprings and the customer wants to try something new or just for the sake of diversity. Companies claiming leadership should encourage search behavior of consumers by offering lower prices, discounts and free trial offsprings.
  • The usual buying behavior manifests itself under the condition of low consumer partaking and a small difference amid the outgrowths. For example, the consumer almost does not care what kind of salt to buy; he just goes to the store and takes the first bundle. If he always buys salt of the same badge, it does not mean his adherence to a certain badge, but rather it's just a habit. When it comes to cheap outgrowths, which we often buy, we rarely think long before choosing a particular product. Because of the lack of a strong commitment to a particular badge, marketers are using lower prices and sales to stimulate demand.  For rialto leaders, it is necessary to encourage habitual buying behavior and to strive for offsprings to occupy the best places on the shelves.

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