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Consumer Behavior in Chocolate Markets

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Chocolate as a product has a tempting quality; it is believed to be soothing and stimulating. Therefore it is necessary to question what makes chocolate so popular among consumers. Could the secret probably lie in the quality, packaging, culture or prices?  How are different chocolate competing in the market to attract and retain customers? In this thesis I would like to narrow my research to the packaging of chocolate and the effect it has on consumer behavior.

The packaging of a product is the first thing that catches the consumers’ eye. Manufacturers have designed various packages as a way of setting them apart from their competitors. Packaging in the chocolate industry is vital. Packages have been designed to suit different occasions, appeal to different social classes and distinguish between different brands. This thesis will examine how packaging of chocolate relates to and affects the consumer behavior and marketing strategy of the producers.

Theory Statement

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  • The packaging of chocolate communicates to consumers and influences their purchase decision.
  • The packaging of chocolate is used as a competitive tool by chocolate manufacturers.
  • Chocolate prices are influenced by packaging.
  • The packaging of chocolate appeals to different segments of people; in relation to gender, class and personality.


To determine how the image created by the packaging of chocolate communicate the message to clients, attracts, motivates them to buy and ensures a repeat purchase. To find out how target market defines the packaging of chocolate in relation to the competitors. To establish whether the packaging of chocolate makes it stand out form the customers point of view. To determine how packaging of chocolate attracts to different market segments.
Evaluate consumers’ response to chocolate packaging in relation to gender or sex. Which sex is more likely to respond to a specific kind of chocolate packaging? To determine how price relates to packaging. Find out whether the consumers are willing to spend more on a chocolate due to the packaging (Latour 1987).


The thesis requires data collections to give responses to the thesis questions. Interviews, survey, reports and observation are the proposed methods for data collection The survey will contain close ended questions relating to the effect of chocolate packaging on consumer behavior.

Personal interviews: structured questions can be asked to consumer. For instance open ended questions concerning the effect packaging has on their selection. The research requires visiting certain places such as the malls; convince stores or other chocolate out-lets.  Observations can be made to collect data for this thesis (Saunders et al 2003).


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