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Marketing is the social process of promoting a product either tangible or intangible to a person by educating them on the services the product offers. It highlights the functions of the product in relation to what the consumer is seeking to satisfy. It incorporates good command of business communication skills, will power of sales persuasion and strong analytical strategies. Using the available resources, this process bridge an opening between a consumer desires with its products. Marketing promotes and sells a product to its targeted area.

Through this it can generate finances, price its services, manage its products and be able to distribute to the market. It therefore requires leaders with information at their fingertips who are creative and innovative at whatever they do. The process itself, involves identifying opportunities and going to the final product consumers, researching and discovering what they need, producing what they wanted and taking it to them so it can fulfill their desires. On the other hand it can lead an impulse buyer purchase what they do not require but because they have heard it being mentioned, advertised and it sounds fulfilling they end up buying.

They may never use the product or may realize they actually needed it, thus a need has been created. Marketing is obliged to carry out a responsibility to the society, government and an imaginary hand (Kotler, & Armstrong, 2008). To the imaginary hand it is created to obey the laws governing it and its main function is to maximize profits they make. It states that if there is a free and fair competition then good morals are observed and met. Management of the company depends on this process to carry out corporate social responsibility to the public and represent the company in its outside market.

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The government on the other hand, requires marketing for economic fulfillment reasons. They need them to pay their taxes, promote stability of the money and enhance international trading. It is a connection tool for the society. It is through it that a consumer gets to satisfy his needs by getting a product that is on the market. By understanding the desires of an individual and society, the marketers are able to create the product and deliver it to the right individual in the right form, time and place.

It also integrates its entire organization functions and makes them known to the market. From the moment a human being is born, he has needs. They would need love, sense of security and physical needs like clothes, food and water. Thus, a production company would address its physical needs while the parents of the baby would handle the love and security needs. The choice of what clothes the baby needs to wear is now the work of marketing to perform and oversee that it handles it to the satisfaction of the baby’s gender, size, taste and the parent’s willingness and ability to buy.

Business institutions need marketing in transforming a raw material to a product then distributing it to the consumers (Godin, 2009). Whatever situation the firm gets itself in, it is a foundation for identifying a satisfying factor for its users wants to be satisfied using its strengths and finances with the external environment surroundings. The information being sought from the past, present and future should show what the market is currently offering and how the can make it better so their product can be the one being picked as a solution to the need.

The firms’ environment situation will position it to identify its main audience and therefore a chance to specify its market and what benefits it will offer to the business. This will give an answer on how to produce, package, design, and even what units to sell at what price. With all the information and products ready, they have to be advertised for the buyers to know they are in the market. Advertising educates, promotes, make known and tend to increase the sales thus the profit margin.

The product has now been incorporated; hence the marketing strength strategy should be maintained to suite the ever changing market. A product necessarily does not have to be changed in order to accommodate the slight changes in consumers. A company can modify its advertising message and the packaging seals. But as the product continues to grow and different needs discovered and new customers found, then the product will eventually change, it could be its design. Conclusion It is from the above research that I support that marketing satisfies its customer’s wants and needs.

A product would not have been developed if there was no need for it. A desire to ease the stress of long footing distances led to development of a steam train. But as the market progressed and changed, a need for better transport device led to an electric train and now personal vehicles to suite the needs of the market. Marketing made the train known and educated its first users on how to operate it.


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