5 Important Tips for Students and New Grads Looking for Their Dream Jobs

Last Updated: 25 May 2020
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Getting a good job today can be a challenge, so finding your dream job is an even more daunting task. The majority of graduates who get their dream jobs are either well connected or attended an IVY league college.

Merely . Impeccable educational qualifications do offer an entry point, but you will often find that they are only a part of the package that potential recruiters seek.

Recent data shows that a shocking . These talented and driven people are often found working in low-wage or part-time jobs. Hence, there is a need for creativity to ensure recruiters can spot you in the crowd.

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Here are five tips that will increase your chances of landing your dream job.

1. Create a professional online presence with LinkedIn.

Having a professional online presence is one of many critical steps in ensuring you land your dream job. Today, the most popular platform for professionals is . Statistically speaking, recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn more than any other website. Build a strong LinkedIn profile by documenting your professional achievements and experience.

Be sure to list any menial jobs you've held. They not only convey that you are enterprising, but also show that you have successfully shouldered responsibility. You can even list your extracurricular activities and throw in a few of the awards you have earned.

2. Network.

After establishing a professional presence online, it is important to start making connections and associations. This point reinforces the indispensability of professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn. The platform is essential for professional engagement, and you should prefer it to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

A brick-and-mortar alternative to LinkedIn would be your college’s career services center. Arguably, the best these offices can offer for your career prospect is connecting you with alumni that work in your field of interest. Most colleges now have a database of previous students and where they currently work. Try to get it touch.


3. Get an internship quickly.

Another secret to landing your dream job is your ability to commit. One of the best ways to show your commitment is to drop the break-after-graduation notion. While summer internships are a great idea, . Most of the big companies may not hire you right out of college, but they will more likely consider offering you an internship, often without pay. Showing you are committed to your intended career will certainly increase your chances.

4. Find a good mentor, or be a good mentee.

Securing the guidance and help of a mentor will greatly help. Recent research studies indicate that the highest percentage of students who claim to have at least one mentor chose their parents. Next are those who enlisted their professors, family or friends.

While parents, teachers, relatives and others in your circle can be a tempting option, you should expand your search. Find experts and professionals working in your desired field. Make sure they are people you can relate to. Get some of their books if they have written any and make an attempt to understand their experiences.


5. Get certified in the industry you wish to work in.

Many graduates think their college courses alone prepare them for their dream jobs. The reality is usually a lot more demanding. Millennials just out of college can be overwhelmed by the demands of their dream jobs and often realize they fall woefully short. To avoid a situation where you are intimidated by the expectations of your job, it is advisable to opt for specialization courses that offer a much more focused outlook, and skill sets that are more suited for your dream job.

Getting certified is an added advantage. Many of these training platforms are partnered with major industry players.

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