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The film profiles the lives of four young Indian women who work in outsourcing jobs at a company called Genpact. l They see their work as an exciting opportunity and an important source of income for their families. They take their Jobs seriously and believe their oles are an important step towards financial security and professional advancement. By way of contrast, the film also canvasses the experiences of four Australian call-centre workers who do not consider their Jobs as careers.

They are young, itinerant workers who, despite earning up to five times the wage of their Indian counterparts, do not regard their Jobs as being long- About this study guide > Key themes discussed in this study guide are: globalization, economics, business, gender, trade, society and culture. The study guide includes questions and activities to be explored before and after watching the film. e questions can be incorporated into classroom discussion or students can provide individual written responses.

The activities in the study guide include a mixture of individual investigation, class discussion, and small group work. Specific questions and activities for students of media studies are included under a separate heading. Curriculum Links In OUTSOURCED! , filmmakers safina Uberoi and Anna Cater examine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), focusing on an Indian company that wins contracts to take over many 'back office' functions of companies located in developed countries.

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With many Western white-collar Jobs being ost to the BPO industry, the subject is a controversial topic in the world's economies. Choosing to shoot the majority of the documentary in India, they concentrated particularly on the perspective of women because it is female employment in the Indian BPO industry that is creating tremendous social change for its participants. Both Uberoi and Cater have prior

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