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Apple vs Microsoft

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Everybody thinks Apple is younger than Microsoft, but Apple was born in 1976, just one year after Microsoft corporation. They develop two different ways to produce the same product, Microsoft has developed a computer platform more popular than the Apple platform. Indeed, Microsoft Softwares came in the market as a reference, due to the easiest compatibility network. In the other hand, Apple increased on the ten last years. The main problem of this war implies the consumer. How do you make your decision between two products , when they are globally similar ?

Microsoft has developed an Operating System which is easy to use for anyone, and the majority of the computer have installed the O. S Windows . Moreover, a personal computer stays less expensive than an Apple computer. Behind the graphics and the user interface, technically the core of the system grant a lot of flaws, that imperil the security of the O. S. Apple bets on the design and efficiency to equal the windows industry. The O. S on the Apple computers is named «MAC O. S». The core of the system is very stable and very safe. Indeed, virus aren’t made for the Macintosh O.

S. So a lot of consumers chose Apple for the security. The price for the Apple computers are the most expensive, and most of softwares can’t be used on MAC O. S computers. Apple and Microsoft were born together, but one pretend to a quality and luxurious product, and the other is made to satisfy another public who cares about price, but doesn’t stand with design. They have a common market, but for different client companies which don’t need the same product, so apple software is designed for the student whereas Microsoft software supply to the professional demand.

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What’s more, recently Apple goes through Microsoft in the highest trade price to the second place of the most powerful company. To my mind, Apple is better than Microsoft because it turned to a younger public, which is the beginning of the next generation. But for the 40 last years, Microsoft sold more laptops and computers than Apple. Today, Apple is getting better than Microsoft, how can we explain this mind changing? (360 words)

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