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Informative Essay on College Essay

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Mitchell Graham College Essay Montgomery 2nd Period Good Advice is a tool that is practice all around the world. Everyday good advice is given and received from left-to-right. However, not all advice is the best advice nor is beneficial to your daily needs. Advice can be looked at simply as a tip for guidance or assistance though the many complications you may come across. The best advice I ever received was quote from Martin Luther King Jr, which says, “You have to wake up in order for your dreams to come true”.

This quote happens to be the best advice I’ve ever received, for I can live my entire life by this quote. For Instance, the quote stated by Martin Luther King Jr, can be looked upon as a theme for ones life or how someone chooses to live their life. The quote that was stated by MLK may have many different meanings, however it only means one thing to me. When Martin Luther King Jr says, “You have to wake up in order for your dreams to come true”, I see it as him saying, “If you want something to be done, do it! ”. For example, if you aspire to go to college, find out what it takes and make it happen.

In other words, don’t just have dreams, but make them come true by putting forth some action. I say this, because anyone can talk about doing something all day-everyday , but until they take action their talk is completely irrelevant. Actions speak louder than words. Not only is the quote by Martin Luther King Jr the best advice I’ve ever received, but I also followed the advice and took it to action. I used this advice all throughout my high school career. In addition, I used this advice in relations to myself aspiring to become a successful music artist.

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Informative Essay on College Essay

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Having said that, I used Martin Luther King Jr’s, advice when I would slack off in school and then expect my grade to be something it wasn’t. By using the advice from the quote, I got into gear with school and started to work for what I deserved. Now I know why teachers say you’re the one determining your grade and not them. On the other end, I used the advice from the quote to encourage me to make music/songs constantly, because how am I going to become successful by waiting on success to fall in my hands. All in all, Martin Luther King Jr’s, quote was very touching to me and it transformed my life in many ways.

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