Coca Cola vs. Pepsi

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We often have a Coke or a Pepsi when we have lunch, hang out with friends, or even just simply when watching television. Some people choose one of them simply by their taste. Others choose due to its popularity. But also there are people who are not choosy between one and the other because they can not tell the difference. The reality is that Coca Cola and Pepsi are very different. The first way to distinguish between a can of Coke and Pepsi is the brand color. Cokes come in red cans, while Pepsi comes in blue cans. Though the drink has the same color, the branding is always in the specified red and blue colors.

The tastes of both drinks are distinct and it is easy to make out the difference. Pepsi is a little sweeter in taste than Coke. This is due to the addition of the artificial sweeteners to it. You will be able to make it right when you take a sip of the drink. The additions of the sweeteners leave a mild chemical taste after you drink it. Compared to Pepsi, Coca Cola does not have that chemical after taste owing to the less artificial sweeteners added. When you drink Coke you feel more of that cola flavor in it, while with Pepsi, you get sort of a fruity taste. The carbonization level of both drinks is also different.

It is higher in Coke. So when you take that first sip of Coke, you get that fizzy effect. The frizz is less in Pepsi. The fizzy nature can be indentified by the bubbles formed when you first open the bottle or just simply shake. You do get that bubbly taste down your throat with Pepsi, but is more with Coke. When it comes to the branding part, the logo of Coca Cola has not varied much since its first appearance. May be a minor change in the font is all what changed. This has helped it to stay on the minds of people. But Pepsi, on the other hand, has come up with various logos and slogans.

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This kept on changing almost yearly. Though the company and market analysts claim that this is in tune with the changing trends in the society, many do not accept this. Each time they see a new logo, they are afraid to try it thinking that the whole drink has changed. Although Coca Cola and Pepsi are similar in the color of their drink, there are remarkable differences in their brand color, flavor, carbonization level, and branding techniques. However, both brands are still dominating the soda market and it is more likely that they are going to keep doing it for many years to come.

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