Coca Cola and Pepsi

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Segmentation of Coca Cola:

Basic segments of coca cola is those people who take this drink regularly.

The target market for coca cola is based on age:

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youth and younger 15- 25 and 40 age. Another factors are income and family size. Target is not based on gender , both gender likes it.

Key success of coca cola is behavioral segmentation.

  • Coca Cola generally sells in schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, hotels and fast food stores. Coca Cola has variety of tastes ecause they want to meet customer needs.
  • Coca cola diet : for diabetic people and aged people 40 plus.
  • Coca Cola : young people whose age is 16 to 35.
  • Coca Cola packs and bottles : (based on income level) for students, poor people, middle class and family size. Nature of customer : fun and entertainment loving. Socio-economic level :upper lower and lower class.
  • Occupation : student and family oriented people.
  • Coca Cola prefer to serve its product in those places where young eople gather mostly. Coca cola customers are mainly teenagers and young adults

it is the highest selling cold drink above the world.? **The main theme of coca cola is “open happiness” coca cola packaging attracts the young generation attention very much. *Positioning statement: Coca Cola provides the best quality and taste in an affordable price. *Segmentation of Pepsi: **Pepsi has same market purposes like Coca Cola. Pepsi has also different kinds of soft-drink productin order to appeal to different ustomers. **Pepsi customers are mostly teenagers and young adults between the ages of 14 to 30. *Positioning of pepsi: **PepsiCo main slogan is – “Generation Next! ” It spends billions of dollars in order to affect people and find creative slogan in every year. Pepsi is a cold drink which gave the best taste, low fat in a reasonable spending. Coca Cola is successful corporation because they have further plan to impess people and have good stategy to sell products in right places.

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