Global-local HR practices at Coca-Cola: Think globally, act locally

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International Human Resource Management ( IHRM ) Assignment 1 Submitted to: submitted by: Prof. S. P.

Chauhan Group 4 Gaurav Sharma ( 93017 ) Manik Mittal ( 93026 ) Manvi Garg ( 93027 ) Rupali Madan ( 93041 ) Shashwat Sharma ( 93048 ) Swati Jain ( 93056 ) Global Human Resource Management at Coca – Cola Ques 1) Substantiate the phrase “ think globally, act locally ”, from the perspective of key HRM functions that could be practiced by Coca Cola. Solution 1) “Think globally, act locally” is used when multinational corporations are encouraged to build local roots.It is sometimes expressed by combination of words "global" and "local" into the single word "glocal”. This phrase can also be termed as Transnational Operations Stage of Internationalization. Transnational Operations states that: * There is little allegiance to the firm’s country of origin. * There is large decentralization of decision making. * Dominant role of expatriates is mostly removed.

* Each business unit across the globe has the freedom to develop and implement its own HRM policy. Coca cola manage the department through a decentralize HR system.Coca cola has an International advisory council to help senior manager in making effective decision for the coke. Coca cola's staffing follows polycentric approach for managerial positions because they "Think Globally and act locally”. Their HR policy also follows the combination of Ethnocentric as well as Geocentric approaches. This policy makes sense because this is aligned with their global strategy. Coca Cola is a customer driven company.

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They try to manage/expand their business by hiring the local candidate.They think that the local people can understand he local customers and employees better service program. Ques 2) What is your opinion, is the objective of the two-week HRM orientation session organized by the corporate HR? Solution 2) The major objectives of these orientation sessions are: * It provides an overview of the company’s HRM philosophy. * It tells that how local businesses can translate that philosophy into human resource policies. * A lot of information sharing occurs during these sessions which facilitate the rapid transfer of innovative and valuable HRM tools from region to region.

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