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City of Ember Book Reveiw

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I have never really been underground, but author Jeanne DuPrau made me feel as if I had been there during the dark, long, blackouts. Ember was the only city or place anyone knew of. No one knew what was beyond the city; out in the darkness. The power and light of the city came from electricity generated by the river running underneath Ember and sudden blackouts occurred as nobody at all knew when to expect them. Every night at nine o’clock the power was turned off and did not come back until the next morning.The darkness was complete during the night.

This is a story of when a young girl named Lina Mayfleet finds a way out of the unknown, hidden world that she lives and her journey out of the dreadful dying city, Ember. Lina is the reason I love this book, because you can really relate to her emotions and opinions. Even though there is a narrator telling the story and not Lina, not only does Lina’s voice make me see the fear of her city dying, but she makes me feel it. “There was no flicker this time, just sudden, complete darkness. This quote is an example of how the author allows Lina’s voice to create a lively setting of what is happening. The author, Jeanne DuPrau made a stunning debut, with refreshingly clear writing and fascinating original characters. In fact, DuPrau has been a teacher, editor, and writer of nonfiction.

Surprisingly, this book was her first novel she had ever written. A boy named Doon Harrow is a good friend of Lina’s and helps her unveil the mystery of Ember. Together they decipher the Instructions for the way out of their horrible city.The secrets of Ember and the mystery for the way out are just a few reasons you want to keep turning the page to find out what happens in this fictional novel The City of Ember. Everyone is full of secrets and you never know who has what knowledge about this mysterious sub-terrestrial city. In Addition, other characters like Clary the greenhouse chief, Lina’s baby sister Poppy, and grandmother support Lina and Doon on their expedition. Ultimately, they put all the pieces together and finally got an answer.

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In the dark and gloomy world of Ember, Lina endures every aspect of the city to escape the dreary consequences of what is to come. “Come back lights she pleaded. Please come back. ” A quote by the narrator describing what Lina and probably every other person in Ember would be saying in their minds during the completely unexpected blackouts. Accordingly, in a few weeks or so the power would run out for ever and the people would be trapped in the darkness. But if you want to know particularly what happens to Lina and Doon and what they discover as the follow the Instructions, in The City of Ember, you will have to read the book.

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