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Tuck Everlasting Book Reveiw

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Tuck Everlasting Winifred Foster Winifred (Winnie) Foster was born into an affluent family. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Foster owned the nearby forest. One day while she was catching lightning bugs Winnie was visited by a peculiar man in a yellow suit, he was looking for someone, but he didn't say who. The next day Winnie ran away after getting annoyed by her parents... The Tucks The Tucks had a secret. In the forest owned by the fosters there is a fresh water spring if you drink this water you will stay the way you are forever and never die.

Without knowing about the defect the Tucks drunk some of the water out of the spring. Now in the 1880's, 85 years later from when they drunk from the spring they were still alive without their secret being discovered yet... Both Worlds Collide Until Winnie Foster sees Jesse Tuck drinking from the spring. To keep her from telling the secret the Tucks temporarily "kidnap" her promising to take her back home once she understood the reason why she could not tell anyone about the spring.

Soon rouble rises when the peculiar man in the yellow suit hears Mae Tuck telling Winnie about the spring. What will happen to the Tucks and Winnie? Read this book to find out. My Opinion This book was not one of my favorites because I like books that have more mystery and romance in them and Tuck Everlasting is a little more historical fiction. Movie vs. Book People always say the book is always better than the movie but in my opinion this was not the case with Tuck Everlasting. After watching the movie I was a bit isappointed that the book was not better.

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Tuck Everlasting Book Reveiw

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I actually liked the movie's plot better than the books because of the following reason's. 1. In the book Winnie is 10 turning 11 but, in the movie Winnie was 14 going on 15. 1 think that 15 was a good age for Winnie to because of the events that happened it seemed more likely for a girl who is 15 to experience all these things rather than a girl who was 11 . 2. In the book all the main events happened in a p of 3 days while in the movie he events happened in a time p of weeks.

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