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The film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock is a horror film made in 1960. The film As yecch caused a huge amount of commotion in 1960 when it was released, it was a movie unlike any other that had ever been made, people were outraged and midtown by this movie for many reasons. In the movie Psycho a young female takes a large amount of cash fro m her job and leaves town planning to disappear, she is caught in a heavy rain storm and is f arced off the road and finds the nearest motel, Motel Bates.

She finds that Motel Bates is compel tell vacant so she stays the night and has dinner with the owner; Norman Bates, Norman then eaves and she takes a shower and is brutally stabbed to death in her shower by a woman that app ears to be Normal's mother, the rest of the movie is an about finding the girls killer and figuring o UT what happened. The film Psycho has many great literary, dramatic, and cinematic aspects. The movies plot is very interesting and new and keeps viewers interested the whole movie e.

The movie also uses many great dramatic aspects to keep the viewer in suspense, for example , when the main character is in the shower and we see that the killer is coming but she doesn't expect it. The movie also has many plot twists that a person watching the movie would not expect, such as the ending of the movie. The movie has amazing cinematic effects such as camera a angles that emphasize the scariness or happiness of a certain place, object, or person. Some things about the movie Psycho I noticed could have been a bit better.

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O en thing noticed was that the effects were a bit subpart, or could have used work. In the e film, the scene hen the main character is being stabbed the blood is so obviously fake and t he acting was not really great, this made it a big downside for me because it made the movie no t seem as real, and I personally like when I feel like movies are real. Also I wish that they would have e left the background of Norman Bates a bit more of a mystery in the end of the movie, instead of explaining every little detail. I like when movies leave me wondering about so meeting, and this movie just did not do that.

Irony Malamute like the movie Psycho a lot, by the ending of the movie I was very happy with he movie. I really liked how the movie used a very realistic scenario, It made the whole movie very relatable, like it could possibly happen to me, or someone I know. I also liked how the movie kept me in suspense through the whole thing, it was a very fun movie to watch h, and a very well put together movie. So the two most important things that led me to really like e this movie were: how I could really identify with the main character of the movie, and how real sticks the movie was.

The other key point that made me really like the movie was: how well the vie was put together and how suspenseful it was. In conclusion, really enjoyed the movie psycho. There were many great asps acts of the movie that liked. The movie also had its faults. There were a few things AIBO t the movie that I didn't like, like how unrealistic the effects were, and some scenes the acting w assn that great. The movie Psycho did have a lot of great things too, and overall I really liked the m vie. Would give the film psycho by Hitchcock a 4. 5 out of 5 for a rating because it was a great movie, but it wasn't flawless.

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