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CheckPoint: Conflict

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Conflict is an inevitable part of life whether it is in relationships, socially, or between nations. Most conflicts arise from differing points of view on actions or goals and how they are handled can lead to a ceasefire or the breakup of one’s relationships. Conflict resolution skills are needed when navigating the stormy waters of conflict. How one perceives the goals and intentions of others can lead to misconceptions. When an individual or group perceives another’s intentions are harmful conflict will arise. It is human nature to believe that one’s group is different or better than another group.

Forming an “in-group bias” will lead one to look for evidence to support one’s negative opinions of others. Stereotyping is often behind negative opinions and misconceptions that lead to conflicts. Perceptions are the way a person thinks or views another so, perceptions would factor greatly into conflicts. A negative mirror-image perception will cause one to over exaggerate the differences often held by parties in conflict; for example, each party may view itself as ethical and peaceable and the other as wicked and hostile.

Viewing others in this light will only inflame the controversy and lead to more conflict. Learning how to view conflict differently can bring about peaceable solutions. Certain methods must be employed for reconciliation to occur. Exposure and close proximity will lead to learning more about the other person. A better understanding helps to foster closeness and common interest. If one is around someone regularly, one will learn how to get along with the other person.

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CheckPoint: Conflict

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When parties whom are at odds with each other work together on a common goal, they each learn to develop comradeship. Cooperation can facilitate in conflict resolution as well. Communicating effectively in conflict is huge in learning to resolve issues and have reconciliation. Negotiations when resolving conflicts should include bargaining, mediation and coming to an understanding with each other. If you cannot communicate with someone properly, this will lead to more conflict.

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