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Checkpoint: Personality Assessment and Theories

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A persons personality is unique to that person there are no two people in the world that have the same personalities. A person’s personality comes over time as they grow up to be an adult. As a person grows they learn what they like and what they do not. What a person goes thought in their life growing up can make them what they are as an adult. The psychodynamic theory says that a person’s behavior comes from psychological forces that happened in their life.Like if a person is raped at a young age, this could be a big part of their life and how they act.

If anything happenes to a person as they are growning up this could make them who thay are as an adult. Freud and his theories on personality, one is unconscious he thought that this was all the thoughts and feelings and ideas witch people are not and normally cannot be aware of. Unconscious is when a person is asleep.Freud was talking about all the feelings people have when they are sleeping and how people are not aware of some of the feelings people have when they are sleeping. Freud thought that the ego was for the personalitly and that mediates between reality, superego, and the needs for there id to show them selfs. The way freud thought was importint because he figered out how people think and why some do the things they do. Everyone has a defense mechanisms this is something that reducing to anxiety and guit.

A persons defence mechanisms helps them determen from what is right and lets them know when something is going wrong in there lifes and helps them get away from whatever it is that is wrong. There are a lot of people that take personality tests to she what there personality means but really ones personality is one of there own there are people like anther but there is noone the same. I think this is why the world is so different if everyone was the same person there would be nothing to do or talk about to each other.

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