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It 236 Navigation Checkpoint

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Check Point: Navigation University of Phoenix/Axia IT 236 January 11, 2010 Benjamin Reine Well the design of my page really is going to be determined on the amount of time I have to complete the assignment/ webpage.

I would like it to function like a lot of the website which I go to. I will try to explain the things they do right and the things which are annoying but are set the way they are for security reasons. The first website I will describe is the PayPal website. I visit this website a lot (I have been doing a lot of shopping on eBay lately) and have come to love how easy it is to navigate their website.They also seem to have a lot of security built into their website. For instance if a user sits around on one page for too long it will automatically sign them out and they will have to sign back in. I think this is a great security feature, although it can be a little annoying to have to sign back in.

This feature is only useful for banks and websites that deal with sensitive information but I feel my website should not feature that but still have some sort of security feature in it. At the current moment I do not know what security features to use with my web page final.Another website I visit a lot and have many features I want to include in my assignment is tiger direct and Newegg. The way the website is setup is awesome and easy to use. Everything is so organized (which is how I want my website to be). They have some flash animations playing showing deals and contests and also have gifs. I included a picture of Newegg’s layout (that is the main page when you first enter the website) and as you see at the top of the website are the categories of everything on the website.

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As you go over each you section on the top the open to reveal items for that specific section such as computer parts having towers, DVD drives, hard drives, etc. Electronics would have consoles, televisions, mp3 players, etc. This is how I would like my website to function but the way it seems it may not come to be (I do not know how to create a java menu like that) due to time restrictions and self doubt. Maybe I will get over it and try it but maybe not (time constrictions are the getting the best of me). Another feature I would like to include in my webpage’s is the contact me section at the bottom of a lot of websites.This is important because this would be how users and patrons get in contact with you if problems persist or they want to give suggestions on how to make the website much better. It would include an email or two and maybe a telephone number to get in contact with.

Another feature that I saw that really interested me was the way that tiger direct and Newegg’s websites both try to incorporate thee users into contests so they may come back to the website to purchase more items (it is kind of like a advertisement per say) and garner more revenue.This would be a great feature to add to a lot of websites (many of which need this kind of thing but never incorporate it). I would add such a thing but since the website is an assignment I will not add it. The last thing that catches my attention on these two websites is the way they use their fonts and wording. I like the way they are setup and how they flow with the page and are not all over the place. I think the website users times new roman as its main font but I may be wrong.I will be using times new roman and probably comic sans for my final.

I think it would fit with the type of website that I am trying to do here. I just need to figure out how to incorporate webpage’s to pop up when they are chosen (like going and clicking on forum and it should take you to forum; I do not know how to do that yet). Hopefully by the time week 9 is around to me I can figure it out if not I will instant message my teacher in order to receive some help.

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