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Hsm/230 Week 9 Checkpoint

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Capstone Checkpoint week 9 HSM/230 Capstone Checkpoint week 9 Many issues are becoming problems for seniors, one of these issues is the possibility of losing one of the most important assistance programs that human services has to offer, the Medicare and Medicaid assistance programs for health and well-being of the seniors in California. This issue has been relevant for many years; however in recent years the California Legislature has been unable to successfully plan a budget that would be considered sound.

Thus, at this point the legislature is considering cutting some of the programs of human services or cutting back on the funding to these programs. According to Diane Rowland ScD. and Barbara Lyons, PhD. (1996). Without Medicaid’s assistance, the cost of basic medical care can impede access to care and erode financial security for low income elderly people. This is now a problem, for example my mother has a social security benefit of 650. 00 a month, and if she had to pay her medical care and prescription out of this income, her income would only be 300. 00 a month.

This is more than twice the poverty level today. This is of great concern to human services agencies in the United States. Most of the elderly have paid into these programs for many years, expecting assistance as they retired; however, this is eroding away. In order to rectify this issue, California along with other states facing this issue, needs to come up with a balanced budget that does not exceed the income they are receiving at the time of the budget making process. The legislature cannot “expect” to make a different amount than what is in black and white.

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To predict that they would be making a larger amount only makes the budget worthless, a budget would need to be accurate and overspending must stop in order to rectify this situation. If I were in charge of this type of program, I would look into privatization of a portion and look for subordinates that would be willing to donate, or fund this program for the poor elderly of the United States. Also I would look into how many actually are citizens that are receiving this benefit without payment into the program.

This is a huge issue, many illegal immigrants are receiving these benefits and have never paid into the program, therefore are actually ineligible for the benefit. I would propose that these recipients be placed on the welfare program for illegal immigrants and taken off of the assistance for the poor elderly clientele. Is this ethical, I think so, I do not think it is ethical for one to receive benefits if they have not met the criteria or prerequisite to receive this benefit.

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