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Stress is a mentally or emotionally bad condition occuring because of difficult pressures.

Many people especially who lived in a big city suffer everyday from stress and its effects. Day to day the amount of people that feel stress increase significantly, perhaps its because the condition that getting worst. However, too serious to face this life which is being stress has some bad effects especially effects to psycholigical condition. The first psychological effect of being stress is can not feel relax. The people who feel stress will always feel uncomfort with anything in their life. They will feel nerveous with no obvious reason.

Second is they will feel have many problems. It happens because they always negative thinking so that everything that they do will seem so hard. The third is they will dissaponted. They will feel that their life is over because too many failure. It happens because they always be pessimistical. So stress can give so many bad effects for the people who feel it. Besides those psychological effects, stress also causes another psychological effects. One of the effect is the development of feel have many problems.

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They also tend to be alone, have no interaction with other and the worst effect is they will hate society. They tend to be alone because they feel there is no benefit of sharing to other and it makes them do not want to have an interaction with other. As a result they will hate the society. Another effect that related to the effect of dissapointed are they will feel broken heart, lost their hopes and commit suicide. They feel broken heart because too many failure happen in their life, its also make them lost their hopes.

Finally, because of those bad effects they will commit suicide. It is so ironic. In short, stress make some bad effects in our life like always feel uncomfort with anything, have many problems in their life and feel dissapointed with the condition. So we can manage our stress with not do the things like those what i mentioned in the beggining, its helpfull to avoiding stress. Color information: = general statement = thesis statement = transitional words = topic sentence = conclusion

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