Essays on Abnormal Psychology

Essays on Abnormal Psychology

Feeling stuck when writing an essay on Abnormal Psychology? If you are unable to get started on your task and need some inspiration, then you are in the right place. Abnormal Psychology essays require a range of skills including understanding, interpretation and analysis, planning, research and writing. To write an effective essay on Abnormal Psychology, you need to examine the question, understand its focus and needs, obtain information and evidence through research, then build a clear and organized answer. Browse our samples and select the most compelling topic as an example for your own!

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The Elevator Response to Lit

Response to Literature: “The Elevator” Par·a·noi·a- noun. A mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions and the projection of personal conflicts. In the short story “The Elevator,” William Sleator uses fear and paranoia to drive his main character to a compelling resolution. The main character’s (Martin’s) …

Abnormal PsychologyHuman NaturePsychology
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Abnormal Psychology Argumentative Essay

Abnormal behavior in humans is best defined through the psychological model, which states that such behavior is learned through regular life experiences. For example, an individual can develop water phobia for just falling accidentally in the river. (more…)

Abnormal PsychologyPersonalityPhobia
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The Influence of Mental Illness on a Teenage Shooter’s Actions

Kipland Kinkel a 15 year old teenager killed his parents at their home in Oregon in 1998, and later went to the cafeteria of Springfield Thurston high school and went on a shooting spree, killing two and injuring 25 students. Kinkel was sentenced to spend …

Abnormal PsychologyMental DisorderSchizophrenia
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Sleep Terrors

Sleep terrors are commonly known by a few terms, including sleep terrors, night terrors, sleep terror disorder, and pavor nocturnus. The person having a sleep terror will awaken from a dream crying or screaming, which may last for minutes. The person is difficult to awaken …

Abnormal PsychologyMental DisorderSleep
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Abnormal Psychology Study Guide

Chapter 16 — Personality Disorders Slides, handouts, and answers keys created by Karen Clay Rhines, Ph. D. , Seton Hall University Handout 2: What is Psychological Abnormality? What is personality? Personality is a unique and long-term pattern of inner experience and outward behavior Personality tends …

Abnormal PsychologyMedicinePersonalityPsychotherapy
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Pages 11
Psychological Assessment Tools

1. Validation history, strength and weaknesses: One of the criticism of the gung scale Is that It used graded responses that may be confusing to elderly patients ,and so they may require assistance from the examiner to complete the form. Another problem with the test …

Abnormal PsychologyHuman NatureMental Health
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Abnormal Psychology- Schizophrenia

There are a number of problems with defining psychological abnormality. They include problems with cultural relativity and social norms, what is normal within one culture or society may be considered abnormal within another. There are also problems with statistics as some abnormalities have too few …

Abnormal PsychologyMedicinePsychotherapySchizophrenia
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Abnormal Psychology And Study Of Abnormal Behavior

Abnormal psychology is the scientific study of different kinds of behavior that are strange or unusual. This study is use to illustrate, expect, clarify and modify abnormal pattern of behavior. When abnormal psychology is applied in clinical setting, its concern is to study the etiology …

Abnormal PsychologyDiseaseMedicineSchizophrenia
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Understanding of Abnormal Psychology and Clinical Psychology

Abnormal psychology is the branch of psychology that studies unusual patterns of behavior, emotion and thought, which may or may not be understood as precipitating a mental disorder. The science of abnormal psychology studies two types of behaviors: Adaptive and Maladaptive behaviors. Clinical psychology is …

Abnormal PsychologyAutismDementiaMedicine
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Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology

Historical Perspectives of Abnormal Psychology By: September 24th, 2012 Psy. 410 Times have changed from what our grandparents knew and evolution is part of it. However, when looking at all the changes that we have seen in this world, how many of them were normal …

Abnormal PsychologyEmpathyPerspective
Words 799
Pages 3
Informative Essay on Personal Philosophy of Nursing

A definition of a Philosophy is “when someone contemplates, or wonders, about something that serves as the blueprints or guides that incorporates each individual’s value and belief system. ” (Chitty & Black, 2007, p. 318) Personal Philosophy of Nursing is the core values and beliefs …

Abnormal PsychologyNursingPersonalPersonal Philosophy
Words 634
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Course Description Of General Psychology

Course Description General Psychology is a survey course which introduces the student to the major topics in scientific psychology as applied to human behavior. Applications of these principles will be made to the human experience. Policies Faculty and students/learners will be held responsible for understanding …

Abnormal PsychologyMental DisorderPsychology
Words 57
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Susan’s intervention plan

Reply to Response #1 I agree with you. Susan’s intervention plan is a good one and might just work given the necessary support from everyone concerned. Carl is not a hopeless case. His having been diagnosed with a behavior disorder which was apparently caused by …

Abnormal PsychologyHuman NatureMental Disorder
Words 106
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Abnormal Psychology Online

Abnormal Psychology Online September 30, 2012 Case 15 – Autism Questions: 1. What are some behaviors that Adam demonstrated that eventually concerned his mother as she compared his behavior to other children at his birthday party and as she compared his development to his older …

Abnormal PsychologyAutism
Words 382
Pages 2
Abnormal Psychology: Abuse, Addiction, & Disorders

Psychological Disorder Analysis ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY: ABUSE, ADDICTION, & DISORDERS Psy 270 Jalisa Cooper February 4, 2012 Final paper Psychological Disorder Analysis Psychological disorders can be very debilitating for those who suffer from them. Psychological disorders affect a person’s ability to function normally in their daily …

Abnormal PsychologyAddiction
Words 1857
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Abnormal Psychology; Defining Abnormality

Abnormal Psychology: Assignment 1- Defining abnormality Defining abnormal behaviour is one of the most difficult and provocative subjects within the field of abnormal psychology as there are a range of methodologies you can use to define abnormalities. Abnormality is a behaviour or condition that strays …

Abnormal PsychologyDiseaseMotivation
Words 2104
Pages 8
The Things They Carried Critique Essay

Tim O’Brien’s novel, The Things They Carried, provides an incredible realization of what life was like for an American soldier who fought in Vietnam from perspectives before, during, and after the war. The story’s power draws you in. It makes the events in the story …

Abnormal PsychologyGClinical PsychologyPsychology
Words 1406
Pages 6
Abnormal Psychology: Clinical Assessment and Discuss the Roles of the Clinical Interview

Learning Objectives 1. Define clinical assessment and discuss the roles of the clinical interview, tests, and observations. Clinical assessment is an evaluation of a patient’s physical condition and prognosis based on information gathered from physical and laboratory examinations and the patient’s medical history. Clinical interview …

Abnormal PsychologyMedicinePsychotherapy
Words 274
Pages 1
The Rush of Amphetamine Use: the Need for Speed

The Rush of Amphetamine Use: The Need for Speed Over the last century, Adderall and Ritalin have transitioned from respectable medications into designer drugs. Chemist L. Edeleano developed amphetamines in the late 1800’s primarily for respiratory ailments, but in time physicians noticed additional behavioral effects. …

Abnormal PsychologyAnorexia NervosaSubstance Abuse
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Abnormal Psychology Critique

This study sought to understand how functional status, impairment level, and use of assistive devices change over 3 years for older adults with depressive symptoms. I further explored factors that predict a change in the severity of depressive symptoms. During 3 years, participants experienced increased …

Abnormal PsychologyDisabilityMedicineSuicide
Words 954
Pages 4
Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal psychology: Assignment 1 – defining abnormality 1. Explain statistical infrequency as a means of defining abnormality Statistical infrequency is when something is a rare occurrence and as with abnormal behavior it is the same if it is rare it is considered abnormal. 2. Give …

Abnormal Psychology
Words 722
Pages 3
To Eat or Not to Eat? That Is the Question

To Eat or Not to Eat In the twenty first century people have managed to clone animals and transplant organs but they still have not managed to cope with many serious diseases. Some of the most widely spread are the eating disorders – such as …

Abnormal PsychologyAnorexia NervosaNutrition
Words 621
Pages 3
Consequences of 9/11

Running Head: Consequences of 9/11 Serious Consequences of September 11th Kristen Brobst The University Of Findlay Abstract This literature review examines five scholarly journal articles that thoroughly address how citizens across the nation were scarred forever, after the 2001 September 11th terrorist attack, which negatively …

Abnormal PsychologyHuman NatureMental Disorder
Words 3106
Pages 12
Abnormal Psychology: Abnormality

Abnormality is defined from an average where common behaviour is defined as “normal” and rare behaviour is defined as abnormal. These characteristics can be shown and placed on a scale “graph” that would reveal how common their score is in comparison to everyone else. There …

Abnormal PsychologyDiseaseMedicineSchizophrenia
Words 784
Pages 3
Assessing and Classifying/Diagnosing 16 to 20 Year Olds

Topic: Problems related to assessing and classifying/diagnosing 16 to 20 year olds with patterns of impulsivity, instability in interpersonal relationships, self image and affect. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. What is Borderline personality disorder 3. Developmental stages of Borderline Disorder on 16-20 year olds …

Abnormal PsychologyBrainMedicine
Words 1274
Pages 5
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Abnormal psychology is the branch of psychology that studies unusual patterns of behavior, emotion and thought, which could possibly be understood as a mental disorder. Although many behaviors could be considered as abnormal, this branch of psychology typically deals with behavior in a clinical context.


Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with psychopathology and abnormal behavior, often in a clinical context. The term covers a broad range of disorders, from depression to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) to personality disorders.


Career path

There are a variety of abnormal psychology jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree. You can become an assistant social worker, research assistant, or psychiatric technician, and in some states you can become a substance abuse, behavioral disorder, or mental health counselor.

Frequently asked questions

What is abnormal psychology in your own words?
Abnormal psychology is the scientific study of abnormal behavior in order to describe, predict, explain, and change abnormal patterns of functioning. Abnormal psychology studies the nature of psychopathology and its causes, as well as effective treatments.
What is abnormal behavior in psychology essay?
It is highly subjective and can depend on a variety of factors. In general, abnormal behavior can be defined as any behavior that deviates from what is considered to be the norm. This can include anything from abnormal thoughts and emotions, to abnormal physical behaviors.There are a number of different theories and perspectives that attempt to explain abnormal behavior. One of the most common is the medical model, which views abnormal behavior as a result of a physical or mental illness. This perspective often leads to treatment that focuses on correcting the underlying problem.Another popular theory is the psychological model, which views abnormal behavior as a result of psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or depression. This approach often leads to treatment that focuses on helping the individual cope with and manage these psychological factors.Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they consider to be abnormal behavior. What may be considered abnormal to one person may not be considered as such by another. It is important to keep in mind that abnormal behavior is often relative and can vary depending on the context and situation.
What is the main focus of abnormal psychology?
The main focus of abnormal psychology is understanding, predicting, and treating psychological disorders. Abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology that deals with psychopathology and abnormal behavior. The focus of abnormal psychology is to study mental disorders in order to understand them and develop treatments.

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