Case Study Jane

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After reading about Jane I have learned she associates fear with love due to events earlier in her life. No matter how hard Jane tried to impress her father she was never good enough. As Jane grows older her father no longer hits her but instead uses money as his form of abuse.

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As you read you learn that she later marries a man who displays the same behaviors as her father. Jane forgives him because she associates this behavior as love.

Unless Jane recalls what her aunt tried to associate love with she will continue to let herself be preyed on by both her father and her husband. As a result if Jane continues to live the way she is Jane’s unborn child will most likely be a submissive woman or an abusive man. Through the cognitive perspective we see that Jane thinks of the behaviors displayed by her father as love. As time goes on she appears makes little to no effort to change her thought. Because for so long she has thought that these actions are displays of love.

Which in turns Jane allows her husband to do the same things as her father did through out her life, because she believes it to be a display of love. Through the behavioral perspective we see that Jane’s likely to continue to forgive her father and husband for there abuse. In turn she is rewarded with money in most cases. This could be the cause of her behavioral actions following the abuse, because she knows she will continue to receive money from her abusers.

Through the psychodynamic perspective we learn that Jane’s childhood greatly impacted her life as an adult allowing the same situations to continue even after she has moved away from her father. This causing her to allow her husband to display the same behaviors and she does nothing to change them. The motivation of allowing the acts to continue could possibly be the money that is received after the abuse which she also considers a display of love.