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Whites pioneered ready to eat cereal isle followed by he other companies in the US cereal market. However, the challenge for cereal marketers is not only to leverage the traditional bond with breakfast cereal but also to offer innovative products that suit the diverse tastes and eating habits of today's cereal consumers, if they want to consistently attract consumers and survive competition. The company has a clear brand Identity "The Breakfast Bowl" but It failed to retain the interest of its customers by concentrating less on product innovation and its taste and paying more attention to their laurels.

Whites needs to mom up with product extensions and line extensions else the brand would be unsustainable. Product Extensions: Whites Hot Cereal: Survey research show more than 60% of American consumer eats hot cereal. General Millers Inc. Owns the Wattles as well as many other brands has not tapped the hot cereal market yet and hence It's a good opportunity for the company as well as Whites. Whites Cereal/Protein Bars: Time is valuable and customers appreciate the products that provide value and save time.

Sit down breakfast culture is now replaced by on the go cereal bars an increasing number of nonusers treat breakfast as an on the run or to go. Protein Bars definitely would draw attention of the health conscious target market. Whites Snack Mix: All-day snacking replaces sit-down meals for on-the-go American. Research says Americans eat soul breakfast cereal morning noon, and night. More than 40% of cereal consumers eat it as an evening or late-night meal or snack.

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Hence coming out with a Whites snack mix variant would provide the consumers with healthy snacking options during the day as well as for late night snacking and boost sales and profitability. Line Extensions: There Is a growing trend toward health-conscious eating habits. Of course, Wattles Is a healthier option than sugar-rich cereals Like Kellogg better-selling Fruit Loops. But within the healthy category, Whites has been out marketed by newcomers like Khakis as well as by reinvigorated old brands like Kellogg Special K.

Whites is having identity crises I. E. Whites is too healthy for junk food lovers yet not healthy enough for the health food crowd. Since the brand associates itself with champions, hence It has a promise to meet the expectations of the consumers in terms of received nutritional value. Presently, Wattles cereal provides health benefits 3,6 and 9 and B vitamins which have an important role to play in improving performance, muscle recovery and strength which leads to customer disappointment against perceived value of product.

Whites can add flavors and ingredients to its products and have line extensions to its hot and cold cereals and protein bars and snack mix with different health benefits. Whites with Greek yogurt chunks and cranberries (high protein & antioxidant) Whites with peanut butter chunks and none roasted peanuts (high protein & energy) Whites with flax seeds and raisins (omega 3 & energy benefits) : Whites cereal has positioned itself as a brand affiliated with athletic performance and its slogan, " The Breakfast of Champions", has remained since the brand's introduction in 1924.

In the early asses,Whites took a new marketing approach. The company moved away from sports and into the children's market, associating Whites with the Lone Ranger and the Mackey Mouse Club. More youngsters began eating Whites, but not enough to offset the decline in adult consumption, as adults didn't wanted to be associated with sugary colorful cereals with cartoon characters on the boxes. Whites positioning strategy has always talked about champions in the field of sports and athletics mostly targeting men.

It could be music, cooking, loosing weight, Improvisation is an ongoing process and engaging your target market in this game will basically have no end and hence provide longevity and win loyalty. Engage customers on social media platforms. Use Twitter, Backbone as space where people can interact and write about challenge they have taken up and their progress. Make it interactive and personal for your customers to get more and more people talking ND gain popularity and insights on the campaign.

Devise ad campaigns that communicate the health and fitness benefits of Have series of short 30 seconds campaign for each of product like hungry at night-Grab a healthy snack-Whites snack. In a Hurry? Grab a healthy breakfast to go- Whites go bars. Did you Fuel before workout? Grab Whites fuel bar. Got your protein in for the day? Grab Whites protein bar. Run this campaign on television, radio, and billboards. Tie up with map my fitness app or other fitness app on mobile, which people use to track their daily activity and workouts. Add an option did you have Whites today in the app.

This would be able to track their performance on days they had Whites as against the days they didn't and keep them motivated as they start seeing results. Tie up with companies who provide music lessons, cooking, gyms, dance classes, swimming, sports, sailing etc. And provide the customers a chance to sign up for any of these at discounted prices as a part of take up a new challenge. Use sponsorship to build visibility, gain promotional platforms, featuring health-and-wellness positioning. Coupons can encourage consumers to purchase items they would not even their budget and preferences.

Now they are offered via multiple sources including daily papers, direct mail, mobile applications, and online websites and directly at retail locations. The strategy stated above will not abandon the core value of the brand and Whites will still remain the " Breakfast of Champions ". The company will still be able to leverage the traditional bond from its loyal customers and at the same time will also be able to tap into new opportunities, by offering innovative products to suit the diverse tastes and needs of today's cereal eating consumers in the US.

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